Ohio State vs. Michigan State (Big Ten Tourney) Open Thread

OSU LogoTime to get your Open Thread on. I’ll be chiming in as we go along. Check out 11W for preview.

This is going to be a tough match-up, but if shots fall and the Extra Terrestrial can get some assistance, the Buckeyes can pull it off.

OSU: 82 MSU: 70 (Final)

All things considered, the first four minutes plus the Buckeyes look okay. Michigan State is playing a bit sloppy. Outside of the breakdown on the MSU in-bounds play, OSU’s D has been okay.

The threes absolutely have to continue to fall, but right now we’re hanging with the Spartans. The combo of three makes and sloppy turnovers on the part of MSU makes el Kaiser happy. (OSU 19 v. MSU 15)

It looks like the sloppiness is rubbing off on the Buckeyes. They had more than one easy scoring opportunity to pass them by. Luckily Michigan State is in a shooting slump of their own. (OSU 21 v. MSU 15)

Tight defense to close out the half. It’s good to see the Buckeyes get out in transition, and it’s especially promising that they’re leading Michigan State without a contribution from Evan Turner. We’ll need him to come out strong in the second half, because Michigan State will come out firing. (OSU 34 v. MSU 29)


Who is this man in Lauderdale’s jersey? He’s blocking shots, taking the ball to the hoop and showing people he will not be pushed around. (OSU 46 v. MSU 37)

Oh, Mr. Hightower, we missed your theatrical calls. Oh, and the Buckeyes are running the floor with success. (OSU 51 v. MSU 41)

With Turner’s third foul, Matta is showing faith (and making me nervous) in his bench, with Offutt, Mullens, Simmons and Madsen all on the floor. Has Diebler come out of a game at all this season? (OSU 54 v. MSU 41)

Mullens finally asserting himself on both ends. The paint should have been owned all season long by Mullens and Lauderdale. Either way, they’re pouring it on when it matter most. Buckeyes in control. (OSU 58 v. MSU 42)

Five minutes left and Michigan State is going to make this into a game. Come on Buckeyes, don’t let them sniff 60 points. (OSU 65 v. MSU 53)

It’s getting too close for comfort. (OSU 68 v. MSU 58)

And the chants of MVP come out with Evan Turner at the line. Simmah down nawh! (OSU 75 v. MSU 61)

Big win for the Buckeyes, big second half for Evan Turner (18 points). (OSU 82 v. MSU 70)


  1. lancelott says

    another huge win! i hope this carries into the tournament, the big ten needs some wins to silence the critics. where has this team been all season?

  2. It’s all about the big men. Lauderdale aggressive on both ends and Mullens did a little rebounding.

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