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OSU FootballOSU LogoHere are some of the stories and what-not we wanted to talk about in the past week or so but never got around to it. Hope you enjoy.

[Football]College Football News looked at the top 50 non-conference games coming up in 2009. Ohio State makes two appearances: USC’s visit to the Horseshoe comes in at #1 (duh) and Navy’s visit the week before as #42. I can’t wait to see the triple option in the ‘Shoe. (via

[Football] – We figured this already, but JB Shugarts was also cleared of drug charges. Phew.

[RUMOR] – Terrelle Pryor was seen walking around campus in a walking boot. THIS IS A COMPLETELY UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMOR. I just felt the need to get it out there. Not sure why. Do not run for the hills. It’s only March

[Basketball] – Evan Turner says he’s coming back. Bring back Buford and Mullens with you, ET and we’re sitting mighty pretty.

[Basketball]Lots of recognition for Buckeye Ballers — Evan Turner was All-Big Ten (and could have arguably been Big Ten Player of the Year), along with William Buford as Freshman of the Year and BJ Mullens as Sixth Man.

[NCAA Tournament] – We’re planning on another MotSaG Tournament Bracket contest again this year, complete with real prizes. Stay Tuned.

Anything you thought was interesting lately?


  1. NMUSpidey says:

    Count me in on the tourney contest! (just please please PLEASE don’t hate me for picking Michigan State to go to the Final Four!)

    Excuse me while I go back to lurk mode. (Thank god about the Pryor thing being just a rumor, though…)


  2. NMU – yeah, hopefully the Pryor situation will turn out to be nothing, but I’ve heard elsewhere that it actually wasn’t a rumor.

    We’ll get you invited to the pick’em contest once we set it up.

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