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OSU FootballOSU LogoHere are some of the stories and what-not we wanted to talk about in the past week or so but never got around to it. Hope you enjoy.

[Football]College Football News looked at the top 50 non-conference games coming up in 2009. Ohio State makes two appearances: USC’s visit to the Horseshoe comes in at #1 (duh) and Navy’s visit the week before as #42. I can’t wait to see the triple option in the ‘Shoe. (via

[Football] – We figured this already, but JB Shugarts was also cleared of drug charges. Phew.

[RUMOR] – Terrelle Pryor was seen walking around campus in a walking boot. THIS IS A COMPLETELY UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMOR. I just felt the need to get it out there. Not sure why. Do not run for the hills. It’s only March

[Basketball] – Evan Turner says he’s coming back. Bring back Buford and Mullens with you, ET and we’re sitting mighty pretty.

[Basketball]Lots of recognition for Buckeye Ballers — Evan Turner was All-Big Ten (and could have arguably been Big Ten Player of the Year), along with William Buford as Freshman of the Year and BJ Mullens as Sixth Man.

[NCAA Tournament] – We’re planning on another MotSaG Tournament Bracket contest again this year, complete with real prizes. Stay Tuned.

Anything you thought was interesting lately?


  1. NMUSpidey says

    Count me in on the tourney contest! (just please please PLEASE don’t hate me for picking Michigan State to go to the Final Four!)

    Excuse me while I go back to lurk mode. (Thank god about the Pryor thing being just a rumor, though…)


  2. NMU – yeah, hopefully the Pryor situation will turn out to be nothing, but I’ve heard elsewhere that it actually wasn’t a rumor.

    We’ll get you invited to the pick’em contest once we set it up.

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