Ohio State vs. Iowa Open Thread

OSU LogoBecause I’ll be suffering through Biggest Loser with the missus (just kidding, sweetie, I love it!) so I won’t catch up to the game until half-time, but here’s an open thread for the game. I won’t be checking comments until I’ve got up live.

For previews, you can check 11 Warriors or Storminspank’s.

Go Bucks!

Ohio State 60 – Iowa 58 (Final)

I’m finally queuing up the DVR to get this show on the road. And, I’m immediately saddened to see Hightower is reffing this game. Great.

Good Lord, Iowa basketball is boring. I may just fast-forward every Iowa possession until there’s 10 seconds left on their shot clock. Sheesh. Add to the fact that one of the Hawkeyes name is Bullwinkle. Hilarity is ensuing.

There are some bad whistles already, and none of them from Hightwoer’s whistle

Dang, all of a sudden Iowa can’t miss and we can’t hit. This could get ugly. (OSU 19 Iowa 27)

And BAM, just like that two threes in a row and OSU is back in it. (OSU 25 Iowa 27)

And double-BAM, Turner goes down in a heap. NO NO NO.

Dang, that Iowa 3 and half-time hurt. (OSU 30 Iowa 32)

We can’t let this turn into another Northwestern incident. Hands need to be in faces of those three-point attempts. (OSU 35 Iowa 40)

A sign of maturity for Evan Turner: 7 assists (at the 13 minute mark of the 2nd half). He’s been required to do so much recently that it seemed like he was putting too much pressure on himself. It seems like he’s learning to trust his team.

Hey, it’s a Dallas Lauderdale sighting! (OSU 48 Iowa 47)

There’s another Dallas Lauderdale sighting, committing an egregious foul. (OSU 50 Iowa 50)

I take back what I said earlier about Iowa’s offense, they’ve put up some points. (OSU 60 Iowa 58)


Phew. THAT was a close one. OSU wins.

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