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OSU FootballThis came across the wire yesterday, but the Monkey and I were unable to get it up in a post for various reasons. I’m sure you’ve seen it already, but here it is again: J.B. Shugarts and Mike Adams, future anchors to the OSU offensive line, were in a bit of trouble.

Operative word being were. That’s the way it looked earlier. Now, as details emerge, it looks like much ado about nothing. Adams’ charges were dropped yesterday and Shugarts, who has his pretrial tomorrow, should have his charges dropped as well.


In other news, the Monkey pointed me to this late last week. We do have a rather strict rule of not mentioning HWSHBN, but this was interesting. I don’t know the full story about this site, but the Monkey claims it’s legit. Does anyone else have any more background here? Don’t worry about being censored for mentioning his name, but we do prefer to that your refer to him as HWSHBN.


  1. HWSNBN’s mother spoke to the Dispatch and says it’s legit.

    He doesn’t have computer access, so he phones the entries in to friends and family, who types it up and posts.

    More power to him, I guess.

  2. I heard it was a feathered roach clip hanging from the rear view mirror.

    No joke.

  3. ^ C’mon CPD. If this is true then….just….uhhh.

  4. @Jeff – I just read that, I guess if he’s going to make a change, good for him. I’ll believe the change when I see it.

    @Kade – you sure know a lot of the “lingo” there, bud. You sure you weren’t riding around in the back seat?

    @poop – The boys tested clean, but if they found legit paraphernalia, then yeah

  5. I don’t appreciate that joking style. I don’t joke….ever.

    I’m hopped up on blow and paste right now.

    PS. Your cpu monitor is safe for now.

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