We’re better than Duke!!

OSU LogoI have simple proof that Ohio State is better than the best team in the country: Duke was only able to beat Michigan once. Ohio State has spanked them on their bare bottoms twice this year. (Pay no mind to the fact that Duke just lost, mkay?)

Ohio State’s defense stymied Michigan for the entire twenty minutes of the first half, forcing them into bad shots and holding them scoreless behind the three-point line, something Michigan lives by. They clawed back into the game at points of the second half, but every run Michigan made, Ohio state had an answer. The frustration was visibly noticeable.

Michigan Ohio St Basketball

On the Ohio State side, everyone played a solid game, with Evan Turner and his 22 leading the way. Mullens and Simmons poured in a dozen a piece as well, and Lauderdale was a defensive manimal, absolutely stuffing Harris on a wide open dunk. That was a text-book “Not in Mr. Lauderdale’s Neighborhood” rejection. And of course there’s P.J. Hill. Oh how we love your energy, P.J. Your shot makes us cringe, your dribbling in traffic forces us to cover our eyes with our hands, but we still love you and your dreds.

Michigan Ohio St BasketballOf course, there was the unfortunate delay of the game at the end of the game, after Michigan’s round mound of hustle, Zack Novak, elbowed Ohio State’s energy source, P.J. Hill. I’m willing to give Novak a pass on this one. It was because of his obvious frustration with how bad of a basketball player he is. When people talk about your “hustle” and your willingness to “dive after loose balls,” that’s polite-speak for “you stink.”

So another solid Big Ten win for Ohio State, with Purdue coming to town next week, should be building a solid resume for an invite to the tourney.


  1. i wish i could have watched this game…. you would think that in ann arbor the game would be on a local channel or something. stupid, worthless state i live in….

    anyway, its good that we beat michigan again (how many is that between basketball and football?) in that, i think it gives us some faint hope of still making the big dance. finishing out the season in the top six of the big 10 should get us in…. right?

  2. @lancelott – No BTN? I think that’s what it was on last night.

    I’m hoping that a finish in the middle of the B10 is enough for a tourney invite. We’ve got two important games with Purdue and another one with Illinois, so if we can win a couple of those, plus a good B10 tournament showing should be enough for an invite.

  3. ahh… ya… no BTN at my house. i’m still mad at them so my whole family must suffer. is that bad?

  4. Santonio Holmes – one hell of a catch tonight!!!!!!

  5. @T-Mill – Yeah, that was great for Santonio. I’m really excited for him. But he still plays for Pittsburgh. And he plays with Hines Ward. That’s two strikes against him.

    It’s a good thing he was a Buckeye.

  6. Michigan basketball is not very good although they have played a couple of good games. Seeing Northwestern go down to Michigan this past weekend leads me to think OSU should be able to beat NWU fairly easily.

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