Tajh Boyd chooses a school (semi-live-, semi-creepy-blog)

OSU FootballI feel a little weird doing this, but I figured I’d throw up a quick post as we all prepare to see a teenager make the most important decision of his athletic life. Does he choose suicide or happiness? Stay tuned!

We don’t do a lot of recruiting posts here at MotSaG, but it’s something I follow somewhat regularly. Is this something readers are interested in? Would you be interested in reading more than just the high profile recruiting news (like Boyd’s announcement)?

While we wait for the announcement, I’d like to point everyone to this article on The Cleveland Fan (h/t podux) on Terrelle’s performance in the Fiesta Bowl. It should shed some light on some of those times he pulled up and went out of bounds on a few of his runs when he had clear running room ahead of him. I think most people (us included) noticed something seemed “off” about the way he was playing. This makes more sense.

In fact, this gives me even more encouragement about what kind of player Pryor is and is going to be.

Update: 10 TV is reporting that Boyd has decided on Clemson. Dom Tiberi is “shocked.” Of course, this is like his 23rd commitment, so he could always change his mind on signing day next week.

Life goes on (covered in snow)…

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