Michigan State at OSU Open Thread

OSU LogoHere’s an open thread for the Michigan State game this afternoon (3:45 on CBS). Should be a doozie at the Schott. I’m on kid duty this afternoon, so I won’t be able to semi-live blog it, but I will check in periodically to have my say.

Enjoy the game!

OSU: 31 MSU: 26 Halftime

Nice first 12 minutes of the game, with OSU doubling up Michigan State. I’ll take it!

Michigan State came back with tough defense and finally finding their shot to close the gap to 5 at the half. Ohio State is going to have to continue to hit their shots and continue the tough match up zone they’ve been playing on defense. It’s frustrated the Spartans to a degree, but they pressure has to stay on for the Buckeyes to have a chance. Oh, and it sure would be nice if someone could look for Diebler’s missing shooting touch, because he sure can’t find it.

On a slightly related note, I just read that Michael Redd is done for the season with a torn ACL and MCL. That stinks.

OSU: 67 MSU: 78 Final

Well, that stunk. A few observations:

  • This team has a shallow bench. Apologies to Kyle Madsen, but we’ve got Mullens and Hill off the bench and that’s it. You can’t go far on a seven-man rotation. I think that’s what has been dooming them late in the game. This team is just running out of gas at the end of close games.
  • For having two relatively big men, we rebound poorly. The 15-3 offensive rebound differential is a killer. A lot of Michigan State’s rebounds were just out-hustling Ohio State. Refer back to #1 as to why that may be.
  • This is a young team, and if Mullens and Buford stick around, they could be very good in the next few years. There’s no reason to be down on them, they played a good Michigan State team tough and they are just one more key player from being a very good basketball team. There’s a lot to still be excited about.

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