5 Reasons Ohio State will Beat Texas

OSU FootballWith that said, let’s get positive. I’m a firm believer in the power of good karma and positive energy and the effect it can have on the performance of a team. Think happy, positive thoughts, Buckeye Fans!

While we’re sending that positive energy down to the southwest,let’s look at five reasons why Ohio State will be victorious Monday night:

Nothing to lose – This may be a misnomer. The national perception of the Big Ten in general and Ohio State in specific has a lot to lose. Both are currently at all-time lows. Perception-wise, Ohio State can’t suffer another loss on the national stage. But as a team, Ohio State should be loose and free. I say “should be” but this team has seemed tight before. If they come out with nothing to lose, they may just surprise some people.

Texas is the team with something to prove. This could end up being in Ohio States favor.

Ohio State’s Defense – We looked at Texas’ offensive firepower earlier, with impressive numbers. Top ten in most of the important categories. They will bring the heat with the passing game and Colt McCoy is a dual-threat QB. But Ohio State’s Defense is no slouch.

OSU is only allowing opponents 279.3 yards/game and holding teams to 164.3 yards/game through the air. Oh, and only giving up 13.1 points/game. Contrast that to Texas’ numbers and it’s obvious that’s something has to give.

This, along with the offensive worries mentioned earlier, comes down to play calling. If Ohio State sits back in a comfy zone and rushes four, McCoy will pick them apart. Pressure from the corners and up the middle is going to be paramount. I don’t think Texas will probe the run early, so Ohio State needs to be ready to stop the pass immediately. Jenkins is a given, but Chekwa, Washington, and Hines need to play lights out.

Taking advantage of opportunities is also paramount. There may only be one or two opportunities to take the ball away from the Longhorns. The defense needs to jump at any chance they’re given.

Help us, Ohio State Defense. You’re our only hope.

Malcolm Jenkins While they would never say it, I wonder if the returning seniors are disappointed in the way this season turned out. I doubt Malcolm Jenkins would ever mention such things, but this game is now his (and Little Animal’s) Swan Song. The match-up of Jenkins vs. Cosby will be watched very closely. If you take one of McCoy’s weapons away, he may press and make a mistake. I look for Jenkins to play a very impressive game, shutting down his corner and having a huge impact all around.

The Stiff Arm of Justice™ – The best running back in the Big 12 is Oklahoma State’s Kendall Hunter (5′ 8″, 190) . He’s the only running back in the Big 12 to average over 100 yards/game. Texas hasn’t really seen a power back like Beanie. Let’s hope we see these early and often.

Chris "Beanie" Wells Stiff Arm MSU

Beanie’s health will be a big factor in this game, but if he’s even 90%, look for him to run as mean as ever, gashing Texas good.

History – Finally, there’s the past. History is on our side. Ohio State is undefeated against Big 12 teams in bowl games (beating down Texas A&M and Kansas State in BCS games). Ohio State has already beat Colt McCoy.

There are more reasons to be optimistic, these are just a few. What has you thinking good, happy thoughts?


  1. Don’t forget that OSU is something like 28-4-1 against the teams that make up the Big XII- add that to the history column.

  2. Terry Cowan says

    OSU is something like 28-5-1 now against Big 12 and is on the short end of 2-1 in games against the Longhorns. Unlike USC, Texas respects Ohio State. Beat those guys next time.

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