cbjlogonew.jpgAttention, Mr. Bettman, Mr. Campbell, and Associated NHL Morons:

When a player is flying through the air, moving his skates backward relative to his body in order to not slice the jugular of your flavor-of-the-month goaltender, and the puck bounces off his edges & goes into the net, it is not a “distinct kicking motion.” Mmkay?

Nobody on planet Earth, including the die-hardiest Dallas hockey fans, think the Toronto war room should have even reviewed, much less overturned, Malhotra’s game winning goal.

Between last night’s fiasco and the referree shamefest of Fail that was the Oct 25th CBJ/Wild game, that’s three points the Jackets have lost this year, directly due to the officials changing the outcome of the game.

Those two circumstances have completely changed the Jackets’ place in the standings (from their earned 35-point 7th position to their current 32-point 12th), and by domino effect, the entire makeup of the Western Conference:


Does this type of thing happen to other teams? Sure, but – and this is importantnever to the level that it happens to Columbus.

There is clear, historical evidence that the Jackets suffer from consistently poor and/or controversial officiating. Last night’s blatant failfest. The deceit/subsequent revelations following the Wild game mentioned above. The infamous “scoring a goal after the horn sounded” fiasco against Calgary. And we can’t forget the “Wes Walz Copperfield” goal where the center carried the puck into the net inside his pants leg, the goal was waved off (hence unreviewable), yet Toronto decided to break its own rules and give the game to Minnesota. And on and on and on.

Look, exactly how long is the unwritten expansion franchise always gets the bad calls thing going to last? If you could let those of us in Columbus know, we’d appreciate it.

Meanwhile, get control of your review process. You’re alienating a huge part of your fanbase, and not doing a particularly good job of hiding your disdain for the Jackets. When Dallas fans acknowledge they were fortunate, you’re not exactly being subtle anymore.


  1. Kerry Fraser needs to DIAF.

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