Week #15 Open Thread

With the dearth of posts around these parts, you’d think the college football season had ended. Sure, it ended for the Buckeyes 2 weeks ago, there’s still a lot of football being played. Man, did this season fly by. Here’s our last chance to hold on to that sweet nectar that is our favorite sport. Enjoy it while you can, especially before BCS Hate Week starts in earnest tomorrow shortly after the Bowl Selection Show.

Here’s our last regular season Open Thread. Feel free to fill the comments with whatever is on your mind. Like: “What is up with those Army uni’s?”

Yes, there is some great football going on, but Michigan just upset #4 Duke (talk about mixed emotions) and Ohio State is beating #7 Notre Dame at last check. I don’t have ESPNU for the same reason no one else does, so I’m just watching the ticker when I get a chance.

Updated again:
I’ll be honest, I didn’t think that Alabama, at this point in the third quarter, would be in this game. But after a drive that took over half the third quarter, the score is tied 17-17. I don’t think anything would make me happier than seeing Urban Meyer lose. (Update – And of course, Florida rips off 14 points like they’re free)

Oh, and congrats to the Buckeyes on upsetting two top-25 teams this week, beating Notre Dame. Also, congrats to Teh ESPN for preventing just about everyone in Buckeye Nation from seeing it. Why, again, do we have the Big Ten Network?


  1. If the Buckeyes pull this out, I say “Great job Michigan, can’t we all just get along?”

    If not, then screw Michigan. I hate the Wolverines.

  2. @Greg – Agreed. You have to factor in the hatred directed towards Duke. It doesn’t overwhelm that which is aimed at Michigan, but it does lessen it.

  3. i always get conflicted at this time of year. on one hand, our basketball team is doing fantastic (and the big ten is looking much better than the pundits thought). on the other, my beloved football team still has a game to play (and i still have florida to hate). how can i balance both?

    help me obi one kenobi (aka. tressel), you’re my only hope…

  4. @el Kaiser,

    Actually, I have a greater hatred of Duke BB than UM, so this is an easy one for me to resolve. More to the point, great job by the Fighting Thads this week; wins over two ranked teams. Of course, that fact that they were also southern Miaimi and ND made the wins all the sweeter.

  5. Headline on Michigan Sports Center: “It’s Great to Be a Michigan Wolverine”

    OK, never mind, let’s not get along with these retards. I hate Michigan. Seriously, a basketball win over Duke is enough to turn this year around for these numbnuts? I think they’re just in denial. Could we get a post reminding us all of UM’s bowl opponent?

  6. Look at you, el Kaiser, with your 1984 references. 😉

  7. So are we going to the Fiesta Bowl it sounds like?

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