Congrats to Little Animal and Terrelle Pryor

A couple huge MotSaG congratulations go out to James Laurinaitis and Terrelle Pryor, who were named the Big Ten’s defensive player of the year and Big Ten Freshman of the Year, respectively. The awards were announced Monday night.

This should be the beginning of a plethora of awards thrown in the direction of the Ohio State players this year, and just the beginning of what Pryor will eventually be crowned with (three Heisman trophies, if you were wondering).

We’ll miss Little Animal, and welcome him into the Pantheon of Ohio State Linebackers of Destruction.


  1. buckeyebrowny919 says

    congrats to “the neck”…you scary mother fu*$(*

  2. @buckeyebrowny919 – “The Neck” I like that. That growth (muscle?) will always be a mystery.

  3. buckeyebrowny919 says

    if you ever try to attack him and slit his throat…you will have to slit it twice…or else he’s coming to spear you to the ground…::cough:: sheridan ::cough::

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