Week #13 Open Thread and OSU/Michigan Semi-live update

I’m giving Monkey the day off (though I know he’ll be active in the comments) and I’ll handle the semi-live update today. I’ve noticed that in previous semi-live blogs, I haven’t given much context to what elicited whatever comments I make, so I’ll be making an effort to giving a little more background to each comment.

(Also, I’m awaiting for some people to show up for the party, so I’ve got the game paused. I’ll catch up live as soon as I can, so this is, quite literally, a semi-live game update)

First Quarter
On 1st-and-10 Pryor rolls out to the left and throws an interception, returned to the 12. Blech.

Laurinaitis just knocked the stuffing out of Sheridan on 3rd-and-15 and then KC Lopato missed a chippy. LOL

Okay, right now the OSU offense is stuck in neutral but the turnover off the punt needs to be the little jolt that kicks it in gear. Let’s go, Pryor.

One word to describe Ohio State’s effort thus-far: Uninspiring.

Until Beanie Wells, ONCE AGAIN takes this team on his shoulders and takes care of business. He even gave a Michigan defender a mini SAoJ after the play.

Second Quarter
Pryor seems to have settled down, as he just hit Hartline, in stride, for a beautiful touchdown on 1st-and-10. That was the kind of play that was just waiting to happen. The beatdown is on.

Third Quarter
There’s not much to say right now, but Michigan has run 5 straight running plays, and they’re moving the ball rather easily. We need some big stops and big hits on defense right now.

Now we need a sustained drive from the offense. Or rip off 40 yards with Beanie. Or or gash them for 50 with Daniel “Boom Goes the Dynamite” Herron. That was nice.

Good to see that a) Ray Small is back on the field (I know he’s been fielding punts all day) and b) he’s playing well. That eighty yard punt return was smooth.

Fourth Quarter
**MotSaG Standing Ovation** for Todd Boeckman!!


  1. I’m a huge Michigan fan and have to say that it’s poor play calling that’s killing the Wolverines. The first three plays of the game were predictable and even I called them. Option goes up the middle, quarterback keeper, fade pass to the end zone. Crappy predictable calls. Tell me why the quarterback and running back are looking to the sideline before the cadence on the first series??? Shouldn’t they be focused on getting into the end zone and pretty much have the play called or have the own audible prepared on the first series. Be prepared before the game and play the game while time to play. Why not blitz a freshman quarterback as often as you can…you’re three touchdown underdogs and he’s a freshman…I say play to win!

  2. finally, a beautiful pass from pryor!

  3. UM’s defense has been on the field a deliciously long time. They will be way too tired to stop Beanie’s 300 yard second half.

  4. UGH coaching!!!! WHY would you try to run the clock out in the second, knowing that UM has two back to back chances only down by seven?!?

  5. pryor needs to get his head on a swivel

  6. put it on beanie and boom’s shoulders, their defense is tired

  7. God Bless You Tressel and bring respect back to the great state of O….H….I….O…

  8. Thank You Seniors for making me proud and happy 5 straight years…..

    Little Animal and Jenkins my heroes for retuning for the love of being a Buckeye over the love of money.

  9. Well, that was certainly beautiful. This is a huge change from going to school in Toledo in the 90s and having to put up with arrogant UofM fans for weeks after each and every disappointment. I have a feeling that before too long, this rivalry will be full of close scores again, though…

  10. GO BUCKS!!! Worst Michigan season in 129 years, and I wish I could have been there to experience its culmination with you!!!

    Way to be Tressel and Buckeyes!!!!!

  11. buckeyedude says

    After watching UM this year, I think it may take a little longer to turn that program around than previously thought. Kids are decommitting. Some are leaving the program. Still others are getting kicked off the team for breaking “unspecified team rules.”

    The future is bleak for UM football and it’s fans. I say that not as a hater, just as the way I see it.

  12. buckeyedude says

    BTW, I’m from Toledo also NMYSpidey, and remember the arrogant UM fans here throughout the 90’s. I don’t feel sorry for them.

    Also, I said all last summer that Dane Sanzenbacher, out of Toledo Central Catholic H.S. would make Buckeye fans think he was Anthony Gonzalez with hair, and that he’d be a star at Ohio State. He has now become Terrelle’s “go-to” guy when the pocket breaks down. I saw this kid play football and track in high school and knew he could do it if given the chance, even though he is a little small. He needs to bulk up over the summer.

    Maybe Dane can talk Beanie into staying for another year! 😉

  13. buckeyedude,
    I agree with you on your UM resurrection timeline. Next year’s young pups will be in same position as this year’s squad. I think next year will be about the same as this year, maybe marginally better, then look for some improvement 2nd-3rd year out.

    Meanwhile, what a great win for the Buckeyes! Granted, there were times I’ve been on their asses (like they even know, nor care), but hats off to the Seniors and what a great finish for them.

  14. Oh, shit, I almost forgot, speaking of big wins.. big atta-boys for the UB Bulls for winning the MAC East, and to Syracuse for hanging one on ND. I know, it’s NY state college football, but what can I say?

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