Week #12 Open Thread and OSU/Illinois Semi-live update

Ohio State 30 vs. Illinois 20

Herbstreit predicts a close one, Corso says two touchdowns. I see a revenge ripping. Let’s go Bucks.

First Quarter

That’s how you make them pay for turnovers. Very nice play call on the goal line. Terrelle Pryor can fake with the best of them.

Look, this team is going to gain yards. Illinois has a good offense. It’s not fun to see our defense get gashed for yards like that. But the D usually gets stingy in the red-zone. It’s early.

Pryor is getting decent time in the pocket and the line is blocking well (if not good) but Illinois has made a couple decent plays on defense. Wells made a good play on the ball on third down.

That’s another wonderful sight — tough three-and-out and then a special-teams killer.

Second Quarter
“You can’t hit Beanie Wells high. He’ll just take you for a ride.”

What was that knock on Juice? Prone to turn-overs? Check.

And with that, the revenge whipping is in full force. Beanie and Pryor are a nasty one-two. Throw in receivers that are actually running routes and catching passes. It’s just a few weeks late.

Can we please get a flag on these blatant holds on our linemen? It’s egregious.


We’re going to be on a bit of a time delay while we catch up with the DVR. We took a long lunch here at casa MotSaG

Third Quarter

HOLY BEANIE!!! I just saw him jump (not hurdle, jump) over #4 on Illinois. That was disgusting.

Okay, all caught up now. The third quarter was exciting, even without any scores. Beanie looks solid and Homan and Laurinaitis’ sacks were devastating. The OSU defense is definitely tightening the screws down.

Fourth Quarter
The play for the TD is under review at the moment, looks very close, but lets all praise Beanie and Pryor, combining for 200 yards on the ground.

Good Lord, Zebra peoples. That was a phantom fumble and an even phantomer face mask. This game just entered the Twilight Zone.

LSU 10 vs. Troy 31

Saw this score a little bit ago, at the half. That’s just pathetic. Any SEC “domination” real or otherwise should be officially laid to rest tonight, whether LSU wins or loses this game.


  1. man i’m jet lagged…. seems like the buckeyes are too from that first series….

  2. just as i say something, our defense comes up big. i’ll shut it now…

  3. @lance – It was the jet lag talking. You’re good to go.

  4. thanks kaiser

    its wonderful to see defenses have to respect both beanie and pryor. so glad he’s healthy and pryor is coming into his own.

  5. Alright…First blood!

  6. @LBock – it’s a beautiful thing.

  7. anybody else think these announcers are terrible?

  8. well, it is the same crew as last week. anytime you have andre ware, its gonna be a long day announcing.

  9. YES! that was exactly what we needed. big defense, big special teams. lets keep it up!

  10. Did you hear Gant say, “That shit hurts” about punt hitting his hand? Got picked up by the mics.

  11. @ike – thought I heard something like that.

  12. pass on first down?!? reverse?!??!!!1! man, i love the play calling so far. i hope a little more beanie though…

  13. Hey that’s our trophy…give it back!

  14. nice stiff arm!

  15. Did you see the Stiff Arm of Destruction he just threw! WOW

  16. Indiana is giving PSU all kinds of trouble early! GO HOOSIERS!!!!

  17. We appear to be terrible against the no huddle

  18. i was wondering what up with them too ike. the way they are moving the ball this drive, it just gives me flashbacks of last year.

  19. i take back my previous post. never doubt our defense.

  20. ha, yay for adjusting on the defensive side. mmm, tasty juice boxes.

    and a great punishing run by beanie!

  21. Beanie’s like the juggernaut in X-Men

  22. that was a great pass, i think that tp is definitely getting better at his passing. lets keep it up buckeyes!

  23. OSU’s tackling has been pretty poor

  24. I think Kaiser and some folks in this thread are a little too optimistic. OSU has had one good, classic, long, offensive drive.

    And then, our worst fears -as soon as the Bucks got to a 16 point lead, Tressel sat down on it and went all Tresselball on us. He should have been attacking on those last two drives – now he allowed Illinois to get back to within 10 pts.

    With as badly as OSU is playing, and the absolute ease that Illinois offense is doing whatever it wants to do today, 10 points is nothing at all to overcome. Illinois totally outplayed OSU in the first half, but they shot themselves in the foot too many times.

    Tressel has to get back to the aggressive nature of the TD drives and get some more points. And KEEP ILLINOIS OFFENSE off the field.

    And as far as the zebras go… how many players have to be moving at the snap before you call some false starts? That hurry up offense isn’t only working against the Bucks, it’s also catching the refs off guard. On at least three occasions multiple players were in motion at the snap. Not to mention the one big run where three OSU defenders were outright tackled from behind, in front of the ump. Maybe OSU needs to start playing a little dirty, too.

  25. Oh, and will someone take Andre Ware and place him into the nearest trash compactor, please? Is there anyone else that is so blatantly anti-OSU in the ESPN stable of analysts?

  26. i think we need a name for every time beanie hurdles a defender

  27. whoa… that was a crazy leap…

  28. @sm: i think you need to give our defense and special teams more credit. we’ve had a short field most of the time, hence the short drives.

  29. shoot, as soon as i say something….

  30. penn state is unfortunately pounding indiana

  31. Commenters, pay no attention to @sportsMonkey, for his pessimism knows no bounds. Ohio State is absolutely spanking Illinois.

  32. uh, beanie? we saw him the first play after he tweaked his hammy and not since…

  33. not only was boom down, that was not a facemask; pryor grabbed his shirt at the shoulder

  34. Amen and Amen, ike.

  35. terrible refs (both sides), terrible announcers

    i put this game on mute…

  36. @lancelott – that happens every time I see Ware is calling a game.

  37. Remember last week when Ware went on a diatribe about the lack of black coaches? I’m not disagreeing with him, but…CALL THE GAME. That’s your job.

    So what happens this week? It was obvious that they had decided before the teams even took the field that the Illinois O-coordinator was gonna get lots of face time. I think I saw more of him than Zook and Tressel combined.

    I don’t want an agenda. I want analysts who tell you what you can’t see when watching on TV. Ridiculous. If I cared a little more, I’d email ESPN.

  38. >>Commenters, pay no attention to @sportsMonkey, for his pessimism knows no bounds. Ohio State is absolutely spanking Illinois.<< C'mon, man, that's not cool. When I wrote that, in the middle of the second quarter, OSU was NOT spanking Illinois... rather, the Illini were spanking the Bucks on each snap. Moving them around, driving at will, playing with energy, etc. Had it not been for a fortunate nine-point swing due to the blocked punt, the game would have been quite different at the half. OSU was getting spanked everywhere but the scoreboard. BUT - Glad to see OSU came out in the second quarter and started matching the Illini hit-for-hit. It _absolutely_ was major revenge spankification in the second half, and even though only seven more points were scored, the Bucks were outplaying on both sides of the ball for the rest of the game. And I want to have Beanie's children now. I had also forgotten about how classless the Illini were last year w/ their trash talk and late hits. Right back to where they left off last year. Anyone else see Jenkins get hit in the face by the backup QB, right in front of the ref (no flag, natch)?

  39. Anyone else see Jenkins get hit in the face by the backup QB, right in front of the ref (no flag, natch)?
    Curious no-call. Atta-boy to Jenkins for keeping his cool. At the end of the day, Malcolm just needs to point to the scoreboard. Piss on the Fightin’ Zookers.

  40. great win, revenge sure is sweet. i’m going to go back to sleep now…

  41. ps. finally got a prediction right…

  42. @monkey – I’m just giving you a hard time. I wrote that while I was in the middle of being a jerk, not being the cool, calm collected el Kaiser you know and love.

    @ken – that was pretty weak they didn’t call that. Like monkey said, Illinois true colors shone through.

  43. kaiser-np, man, was just bustin yer chops too. :-p


  44. Monkeysister says

    @sportsMonkey-let me fix that for you a little-


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