Week #11 Open Thread and Semi-live Game Update

Ohio State: 45 vs. Northwestern: 10

First Quarter
Looks like the offensive line picked up where it left off two weeks ago. But then again, who needs a running game when Pryor is throwing like he is? Six running play and negative yards is not the way we wanted to see this game start, but hopefully the success of the passing game will loosen up the defense.

Ohio State’s Offensive Line: Making bad defenses look good since 2007.

Second Quarter
Beanie Wells has had enough of this crummy run blocking and he will JUST DO IT HIMSELF.

Watch out, Northwestern, you’re about to get MSU’ed.

Andre Ware is the Bill Walton of ESPN College football commentating. “He’s the greatest short yard back in college football.” “He’s got the best hands in the country.” “I could taste colors. I could feel sounds.”

Boone just encapsulated the entire lack of any senior leadership on this offense.


Third Quarter
These referees need to keep their flags in their pockets.

Terrelle Pryor is having his way with Northwestern’s defense. Breaking tackles, converting on third-and-long, throwing with accuracy on the run. This is the consistency we’ve been waiting and hoping for, with running and throwing the ball with positive, actual results.

Fourth Quarter
Even though some of Terrelle’s throws today have still been floaty, a lot of his passes (like his latest to Robiskie) have looked a lot tighter and accurate. The maturation of TP continues and it’s quite enjoyable to watch.

Was Tressel mad after that last score by Herron? Replay signs point to “YES”.

Someone needs to remind Andre Ware that he and his Houston Cougar teammates beat SMU 95-21 in 1989.

Illinois 17 vs. W. Michigan 23
Seriously, Illinois? This is TRBL.

Iowa 24 vs. Penn State 23
I hate to admit it, but I called Iowa for the upset three weeks ago. Ask monkey if you doubt me.

It happens a lot, but I still hate being right all the time. Thanks a lot, Penn State. Go Michigan State! Beat the pants off the Paterno Poopers!


  1. Is it just me, or does Beanie look like he’s in a lot of pain?

  2. You’d be in a lot of pain if you were getting hit in the backfield, too.

    But yes, he doesn’t look comfortable.

  3. Well, it starts. Poor discipline & coaching on both sides of the ball.

    No way Kafka keeps that up for four quarters, though.

  4. Kafka didn’t get hit at Minnesota like he’s gonna get hit today.

  5. Simply amazing! That was pure power displayed right there by Beanie!

  6. You know your line is problematic when your RB has to stiffarm the Right Guard to get to the end zone!! Did you see the slap he gave to Boone?

  7. TP is playing out of his world!

  8. Shut up, Ware. That is not “running the score up.” It was still early in the 4th, for crying out loud.

  9. Yeah, monkey, that comment made me angry, ESPECIALLY coming from him.

    Pot, meet Mr. Kettle.

  10. now THAT is running the score up. Ouch. Very unlike Tressel.

  11. I can not remember a single instance over the last several years where Andre Ware said anything that was interesting or intelligent. The man is the very definition of blithering idiot

  12. I know he wasn’t happy with the late TD, but he’s the one who didn’t call the QB kneeldowns.

  13. @monkey – Yeah, maybe he should have called for a QB kneeldown. Or maybe Northwestern’s D should prevent a TD.

  14. kaiser- don’t get me wrong, I liked the calls. The one thing these offensive coaches have been missing has been an aggressive attitude, & today was the first time this season we’ve seen it.

    But don’t call the play & then look disappointed when it works. πŸ™‚

  15. From the confines of my living room in western NY, I LOVED the play calling. The fake punt may have been a little dicey, but it was good to see the aggressive play calling.

    I liked TP’s long touchdown pass after the fake punt. After TP’s 4th qtr against PSU, this was a good catharsis for him. So much for the psychoanalysis. The look on Tressel’s face is open to interpretation; I think it was disbelief that the line opened up a hole for Herron. Maybe. I’d have to agree with Kaiser; if NW could have covered and tackled a little better in the 4th qtr…

  16. During timeouts of OSU game, I surfed between the Mich-Minn game and the ILL-Directional Mich game. I’ve got to tell you, neither of these games were remotely watchable for more than a couple plays at a time.

  17. We ARE…NOT going to the National Championship game. Did any of the Hawkeye players give the “Shhh” signal to Penn State?

  18. @monkey – Disappointed in himself or in the offensive line? The latter shows a stark lack of faith.

    @Ken – The fake punt was a surprise, but fun to see. I also caught bits of those two games. Blech!

  19. @Tom – Probably not, seeing how they needed a last second field goal πŸ™‚

    But point well taken.

  20. I will vouch for kaiser, he called the upset several weeks ago.

  21. buckeyebrowny919 says

    well..penn state screwed us..but anyone see the stiff arm of beanie on that 55 yarder? Gooooooooooooood God

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