Week #11: Northwestern University – Open Thread

The stretch run is upon us. Three more games, three chances to finally get it right. Will it happen this week? Will everything click, come together and finally give us all something to smile about? We can all hope so.

For the game particulars, including copious amounts of data, Buckeye Planet delivers. Most other OSU blogs get their previews up on Fridays, after this post has been set to go live, so make sure you check in at Eleven Warriors and Buckeye Commentary. For an alternate look at how Ohio State and Northwestern stack up, statistically speaking, Lake the Posts delivers. Hail to the Purple looks at the match-up as well.

Some other tidbits. Beanie Wells “practiced more last week than he had during any of the previous three weeks leading into games.”… Previously injured (and thought to be done for the season) J. B. Shugarts will be available to play tomorrow. Northwestern may play two QBs… Hartline will take over punt return duty for the suspended Small… Will the weather be a factor?

Ohio State needs to look good these last few games. All three look like they should be gimme games. Northwestern will probably offer the most resistance, as Illinois is going to suffer a gigantic “revenge” spanking and Michigan is TRBL.

Northwestern is hurting and Ohio State looks to be healthy and hungry coming off the bye week. Look for a big game from Beanie, especially if the weather is disagreeable to a passing game. The defense is a given at this point, with the defensive line finally playing cohesively and getting better as the season goes on. This may look close early on, but Ohio State should pull away with an easy win.

I’m interested to see what effect the Ray Small incident has on this team. I don’t have any inside information, so I don’t know what relationships are like between players, but an incident like this can have a ripple effect through the team. Was he a chronic slacker, constantly getting into trouble? Or was it just a kid being a kid. Either way, I hope this tightens up the discipline and brings the team closer together.

No contests or prizes this week, but we won’t let that stop us from having fun guessing the final outcome. Prediction time!

el Kaiser predicts:
OSU: 27
Northwestern: 9

Predictions, thoughts and criticism are welcome in the comments.

sportsMonkey predicts:
OSU: 27
Northwestern: 3


  1. unfortunately I will be in japan for the game. so, let’s call this the rising sun prediction:
    tOSU: 28
    NW: 17

  2. OSU: 24
    NW: 7

  3. buckeyebrowny919 says


  4. buckeyebrowny919 says


  5. We’ll go with OSU up 23- 14. Something tells me to continue to expect anemic offense. The MSU game is an outlier (thanks to MSU’s MSUness).

  6. OSU 21-17, both teams offenses score the majority of points for the other team.

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