Week #10: Bye Week – Open Thread

We apologize for our extended absence this week. You can blame it on either a) us mourning the loss against Penn State or b) our extreme laziness. If you blame it on ‘b’, you’re probably closer to the truth.

So have you vented enough? Moved on? I was going to dip my toes in the previous comment threads but decided against it. You guys do a great job of not feeding the trolls too much and keep things (mostly) civil. We appreciate that. We’ll have a winner from last week’s guess-the-score contest, as well. We’ll be contacting the winner shortly.

Bye weeks are always weird for me, because I struggle to care about the other 116 teams out there, especially after a loss. But I’ll still be watching the World’s Largest Outdoor Jorts Convention and the Battle for Texas.

What are you watching? Who are our rooting for?


  1. buckeyebrowny919 says

    i’m rooting for a new buckeye offense with a fire under their ass next week

  2. Good luck with that, buckeyebrowny919. I’m rooting for it, as well, but I’m getting tired of rooting for it.

  3. Amen Brother Kaiser…Amen…

  4. i nominate tony gonzalez for buckeye nfler of the week. 2 tds (so far, work tomorrow…) against the pats on amazing catches, surely a noteworthy performance?

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