Week #9 Open Thread

Here is this week’ Open Thread for available for your commenting pleasure. What’cha watching? Who looks good, who doesn’t?

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College Gameday

Seriously, LeBron? “This red and gray team”?

Ohio State vs. Penn State
Ohio State’s first drive looked promising, but stalled. Same now with Penn State’s. Big 3rd down here. Pass interference on Norwood. Nice to see the Buckeye’s D clamp down after giving up a couple first downs.

Both teams seem to be feeling each other out. Penn State is daring Ohio State to throw.

Nice stop for OSU D again on 3rd down. Thaddeus Maximus is turning into an unstoppable Manimal! CHOP THAT WOOD.

Another drive stalls on each side. Now Ohio State is deep in its own territory. Ohio State D is playing extremely well right now. Blitzing, stunts, everything. You can tell Daryll Clark is a strong mo-fo, you can’t bring him down with a simple arm tackle.

A nice pass to Sazenbacher, then we get predictable again. Let’s go D! Score for us!

Whoa, Nelly. Mr. Royster, meet Ironhead Junior.

Excellent 2-minute drill to get into position for a field goal. It’s going to be a huge second half.

Ohio State: 3
Penn State: 3

Nice stop on 3rd and 7. Who does Clark think he is? Pryor. Ray Small makes me very nervous tonight back there fielding punts.


Beanie wants the ball. Feed the BEAST. This drive is going to take a huge portion of the third quarter, but a field goal will be somewhat of a disappointment.

Ohio State: 6
Penn State: 3

These linebackers are out for blood.

End of the third quarter and your Ohio State Buckeyes are on top by 3. HUGE 3rd and 10 coming up here on the first play of the 4th quarter.


It’s Beanie time, baby.


Okay, deep breath defense. Backup QB is in, we can stop them again.

Someone was going to make a mistake, it sucks that it was Pryor, but 6 minutes left is plenty of time to mount a nice, consistent drive. We were moving the ball before the fumble, we can keep that up. Don’t sleep on Beanie.

You have got to be kidding me, MoWells.

Not sure what else to say. The defense has played large all game, it’s time for them to make a big play. I’m shutting down now. I’ll check in when it’s all said and done.

Good effort, Pryor. Good game, Penn State. I’m going to bed.

Ohio State: 6
Penn State: 13


  1. 90 is a beast, no doubt. get it in gear offense…


  2. @lancelott – We did. The first down of the first drive. Of course, we haven’t gone back to it very often, have we?

  3. …yes, yes we did. and its all been ‘run, run, short pass’ after that. sure, we’ve had some success, but then our play calling just bottles it up again.

  4. You know I’m going to be rough:
    OSU coaches: FAIL. Not a SINGLE pistol formation for the entire first half. No screens. No use of the FB – even considering mucho success w/ it last week.

    O-line: FAIL.

  5. @SM – Captain Pessimism, everyone. Dude, they are lining up 8 in box. The pass downfield is going to open up the running game. Halftime adjustments will be made.

  6. kaiser – “adjustments are going to be made”

    Have you seen a single game this year? The past few years? Adjustments? Seriously? Dude, this is Bollman. You have seen the gameplan. “Adjustments” to him are “lets run off TE instead of off-tackle.”

    For me to be convinced, I’d better see some sweeps and rolling pockets (not scrambling pockets). Pistol. Option. OSU ran only two options, and they were so telegraphed it was high-larious.

    Let Beanie outside. Stretch play and zone blocking. You know, what worked against everyone else.

    PSU has the exact same gameplan as Tressel likely does – stop the RB, make the QB beat you.

    Oh, and WHAT was the idea of going with a three man defensive line on third and short? Who’s bright idea was that?

    Sorry. But the defense is doing what it can to keep the team in this game, and once again, the coaches and O-line played a horrible half.

  7. Okay guys it’s 4:30 am here in Saudi Arabia! Well getting up at 3 hasn’t been disappointing to say the least…D is lights out and the O has made big plays when needed! Only one question from here…where did we get this D line from? Are these guys the same front four that has been the “weakness” all season? One last thing…It’s time for the STIFF ARM OF JUSTICE to be unleashed! Go Bucks! 13-10 OSU!

  8. Mike – words fail me at expressing how awesome it is that (1) you’re catching the game on the other side of the planet, but also (2) that you’re including MotSaG as part of your morning.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, dude!

  9. @SM – are you capable of enjoying a good game? This is a great defensive game at the moment. Neither offense is able to get much going yet. Something has to give. Let’s hope it’s Penn State that gives it up. Clark has almost given it up twice.

    @Mike – The Stiff Arm of Delayed Justice will be making a second half appearance. I can feel it.

    You guys are true fans!

  10. kaiser – oh, how awesome would it have been had Coleman caught that ball (that HIT HIM RIGHT IN THE NUMBERS, btw) and ran for a 90 yard pick 6. I dare say that my neighbors might have called the police at the girly scream that would have echoed down the street.

  11. Hey it’s like a cup of coffee in the morning…MotSaG on game day. BTW I got the DVD in the mail today. Coincidence…I think not. Thanks guys…

  12. Every.Single.Time the bucks get some positive momentum, the refs “review” the play and slow things down.

  13. @SM – Freeman had one slip through his fingers. One of these times it’s going the other way. Hello Mr. Jenkins!

  14. kaiser – yeah defense playing lights out, except for one busted coverage by Chekwa. So far, IMO, best defensive effort of the year.

  15. Did you see the stiff arm on the 2 yrd carry earlier in the drive? If I can please submit my nomination??!! He’s heating up!!!!6-3!!!!! ol fashion Big 10!

  16. It’s the zone that got busted! It looked like Russell didn’t stay back…Please D keep it up.

  17. 73 yard drive against PSU is mucho awesome. Had OSU gotten a decent punt return, that would have been a TD instead of a FG.

  18. C’mon… momentum. Tressel – keep the emotion up!!

  19. Have you ever seen a 30 year old man jump up and down on his bed? Well sorry you missed it! The best damn field goal unit in the land coming through…

  20. You are right, monkey. Momentum is on our side. A TD here is a dagger is JoePa’s thousand-year-old chest.

  21. Mike – how about a 36 year old man jumping up and down on his couch?!?

    The defense gives up one more yard on that drive, it’s tied. DEEFENSE!!

  22. PSU d-line getting a bit tired… keep pushing them around!!

  23. With a game like this, you had to know a defensive play would change the game. So much for momentum. I fear this give PSU what they need.

  24. Daryll Clark, WRU?

  25. things starting to unravel…

  26. If/When PSU scores, it’s time to bring Boeckman in.

  27. There’s a good chance that Pryor will come out wanting to prove that he can win this thing. That may cost us the game, but it may win it for us too….

  28. Thanks a lot, Terrelle. You had to get six inches. You gave PSU a TD instead, trying to showboat for a big gain. Ugh.

    Well, maybe he’ll learn by next year.

  29. Trying to SHOWBOAT? WTH, Monkey? He was trying to gain yards! I hope you’re joking saying something like that.

  30. The ball was legitimately punched out…it was a good defensive play, and very unfortunate for us.

  31. Well, Showboat might be strong… but he was trying to get fancy, at least. He had the first, but gave it up to get fancy.

    Now is when we find out what kind of QB Pryor can be. Does he unravel? Time for one last drive. OSU needs to think moving chains, not big plays right now.

    If OSU loses, they lose because they lost the field position battle tonight. I think both teams are about equal in all aspects.

  32. I think punting there was a mistake…that might have just cost us the ballgame.

  33. Why punt..PSU has been chewing up the clock!

  34. Eric – I just said the same thing to the wife. PSU will run off a chunk of time, now; and they won’t be passing the ball, so we won’t be able to depend on the defense for a TO.

    That’ll give Pryor & co. a long field and a two-minute drill – AT BEST. Ugh ugh.

    CRAP. Now a facemask. That’s probably the game. šŸ™


  36. Fuck…he finally learns to throw it when he’s only 80% certain, and it’s into triple coverage….

    At least these games are happening now. It’ll make things better next year,

  37. OK – Buck fans. Do we accept how terrible this offense is, yet? The following teams scored more points against PSU’s defense than OSU did today:

    Coastal Carolina, Syracuse, and UM, along with a few others. And none of them were at home, at night, with all the intangibles on their side.

    Absolutely pathetic effort by the coaches and O-line, particularly in the first half.

    Still, congrats to a PSU team. Go get the crystal football for the conference, guys.

  38. I agree. I’ll be rooting for Penn State from here on out, despite being an MSU graduate student. I hate to say it, but we desperately want them to win the conference a National Championship so we can start regaining some respect.

    Ugh…just as long as I don’t have to do any of those annoying cheers šŸ˜‰

  39. i think it begins and ends with the o line.

    the o line is the reason we couldn’t run. the o line made pass protection a joke. the o line, said to be the ‘best in tOSU history (by bucknuts)’ has not played up to the hype. (note: big exception for mike in the center, i love that kid)

    did you see how good our defense is? who held psu to less points? and it starts with our d line. 90 is a beast, plain and simple. and how did the defense turn it around? with our d line. without the same kind of turn around on the other side of the ball, our offense will continue to struggle.

    plain and simple, it begins and ends with the play of the guys who get the least amount of hype.

    ps. big shout out to one of my favorite old buckeyes; teddy with 175 yards on sunday. keep it going #7.

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