Michigan State Game Cheers, Jeers and Smears

A couple days late, but that’s par for our course.


Malcolm Jenkins – Jenkins’ decision to come back for his senior year has had the most impact on a Buckeye team since Michael Doss announced his return for one more year in 2002. It’s no coincidence they’re both defensive backs. Or #2’s. Jenkins has been on fire and that didn’t stop this week against Michigan State.

James Laurinaitis – The much bally-hooed “match-up” of Laurinaitis vs. Javon Ringer ended up being woefully lopsided. Little Animal was all over the field once again. He’s quietly having a solid season and his performance against MSU was stellar.

Chris “Beanie” Wells – What more can be said? Two running backs came into this game with heaps of praise. One left with a victory, leaving a trail of stiff-armed helmets in his wake.

Terrelle Pryor – Those floaty passes still make me nervous, but LeBrontium in Cleatsium (two new entries on the Periodic Table of Elements) did most things right Saturday. I noticed they ran fewer option reads, which worked out well. The coaches put him in situations where he was able to play more and not think less.


Michigan State – Coming in with an impressive 6-1 record, losing only to a goodish Cal team, this game looked to be a nail-biter. Turns out to be anything but. All the bounces went Ohio State’s way early, taking Michigan State out of their game plan too soon. They needed to be able to chew up yards with Ringer, but being down 21-0 zust like zat forced Hoyer to shoulder the load. He was not able to do this, which brings us to…


Little Animal – LA’s hit on Hoyer in the 2nd quarter knocked his socks into next week. Seriously. They just showed up today.

I had trouble coming up with any more jeers. Do you have any?


  1. Jeer – Bob Griese, who had a “yeah, but” retort for every small Buckeye success.

    “Beanie Wells runs for 15 yards.” “Yeah, but they won’t be able to rely on Beanie down the stretch.”

    “Pryor runs it in for a touchdown!” “Yeah, but they’ll need him to start throwing TDs if they want to win down the stretch.”

    “Pryor throws a pass for a TD!” “Yeah, but poor tackling on the MSU side led to the scoring opportunity.”

    DIAF, Griese.

  2. I disagree, I believe Griese deserves a cheer for inventing Beanie Pryor, who I imagine to be a 240-lb 6’6″ visage of Lord Shiva, with all 8 arms stiffarming any opponent within the Midwest.

  3. You have to remember sportsMonkey, that Griese has to broadcast games with a terrible disadvantage. His brain.

  4. @Maje – that is a scary thought.

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