Week #8 Open Thread

Here is this week’ Open Thread for available for your commenting pleasure. What’cha watching? Who looks good, who doesn’t?

This will also become the semi-live update for the OSU game.

Ohio State v. Michigan State

This certainly doesn’t bode well.

That 3rd-and-short to Beanie was frustrating, but OSU’s D is looking stout right now.

Beanie and Pryor attacking on the ground with much success.

Ohio State: 7
Michigan State: 0


Beanie is a man possessed. The monkey and I always talk about how he runs “mean”. Now he’s running “mean and nasty”. I love it.

All together now: IT’S ABOUT TIME.

Pryor did a great job eluding the rush, didn’t rush things himself and through a nice pass to Robo.

Ohio State: 14
Michigan State: 0

I just woke up my napping son after Hartline came down with that grab. That thing was a thing of beauty and I want to marry it I love it so much. G’night Sparty. The rout is ON!

Ohio State: 21
Michigan State: 0

Bring Boeckman in!

What’s this? A complete game? The offense and the defense are both playing well?

185 yards of offense in the first quarter? Who is this Buckeye team, and what did they do with the team that’s been playing out there last week?

Second Quarter

Is this the world’s longest Cadillac commercial? I’ve clicked over to the UM/PSU game like three times and it’s still going. (oops, my bad. My DVR had paused the game for me. I R SMRT)

Someone on the sideline or in the booth obviously had an epiphany. Play action passes, roll-out dumps to the TE. And now a little screen to the FB. Kudos to the coaches for pulling their heads out of the sand.

A draw play on 3rd and long? Brilliant!

Ohio State: 28
Michigan State: 0

I’m calling it now: Watch for Tressel to call off the dogs. No way he’s running it up on his boy Dino.


Michigan State just got gut-punched.

Third Quarter

Has the defense hit the snooze button? Wake them when it’s the fourth quarter?

Ohio State: 28
Michigan State: 7

Fourth Quarter

I guess the defense was napping — one big hit from who-else and 69 yards goes Thaddues Maximus McSpeedius in the other direction.

Ohio State: 35
Michigan State: 7

Not much more to really type about except for the defense scoring again. I’d like to see that happen more often.

Ohio State: 45
Michigan State: 7



  1. I didn’t see it, but C-bus’ local ABC affiliate said that Jevon Ringer predicted a 28 point victory against OSU today, during an interview on GameDay.

    Oh, man, now it’s personal. Goodbye, Jevon. Enjoy your coma.

  2. @SM – He didn’t predict anything. He just said he’d like to win by 30, but he knew that was a dream.

  3. I just heard someone say this game would be a defensive stuggle…um since when did MSU get a D???

  4. el Kaiser – you mean that the sports reporters were wrong, and allowing their bias to color their reporting? Say it ain’t so.

  5. @Mike – when you’re this predictable, who needs a D?

  6. did you see that stiff arm? tp wants the stiff arm of the week!

  7. @SM – Imagine that — misinterpreting a comment to shape a story!

  8. zOMG Pryor Stiffarm FTW!!!

  9. LOL @ the timing of Paul McGuire’s intro to that play. “MSU the best in the big 10 in red zone defense… let’s see how they do…”

    Oh SNAP.

  10. @lancelott- it may be time for co-SAotW.

    Should we call the award “The Stiffy”?

  11. i get one every time i watch it

  12. wait… no, that would be bad =p

  13. PLAY ACTION, dudes!! Keep attacking!!

  14. It is high-larious to have Paul McGuire and Bob Griese in the same booth. Paul is so pro-OSU, and Griese is so anti-OSU it’s quite amusing.

  15. wells wants some of that stiff arm action

  16. I love love <3 this new "passing to the FB out of the backfield" play. All three times have been very successful.

  17. HOW’S MY ANKLE NOW!!!?!1!!

  18. Don’t look now — Michigan is beating Penn State.

  19. its early, i was at the mich/illinois game when they were up by 14 at the beginning. that’s why i’m still nervous for this game.

    still, we look good, no joke.

  20. Pwnage! Through and through. Here’s hoping OSU scores another 28 in the second half.

  21. can someone tell tress that we are able to throw the ball in the 20th century

  22. Other than that bonehead fumble, Ray Small has been fielding punts extremely well–not that it mattered much in this game, but it’s good to know that we have some life in that department going into the last four games.

  23. Thank You Jenkins and Little Animal for coming back this year. Regardless of how this season turns out. You have given me much pride and are great examples of what TRUE BUCKEYES really are.

    Now go make Paterno Poop His Pants again.

  24. buckeyedude says

    I don’t think Greise is “anti-OSU” like his former press booth cohort, Keith Jackson(just turned 80 yesterday)is.

    But Paul McGuire is from Youngstown, and can’t hide his pro-Buckeye bias. That’s OK with me though.

    I think Ray Small is doing an “OK” job, but have always felt that he is an accident waiting to happen. If OSU#38 had not recovered that fumble he(Small) tossed toward the OSU end zone, it could have changed the whole game.

    I hope we have Boom Herron and Sanzenbacher(TP’s “go-to” guy) back next week.

  25. Alright tOSU back in the top ten… barely!

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