Perfect Disharmony

The mental state of the Buckeyes, re: the current state of Team Unity seems like it is at an all-time low. I read articles like this on the ESPN, and I don’t like what I see.

A rift could be developing in the locker room between older players — particularly wide receivers and tight ends — who remain loyal to Todd Boeckman, and those who side with freshman Terrelle Pryor.

Those who side with Terrelle Pryor? I thought these were the Ohio State University Buckeyes, not the Ohio State Pryors or the University of Boeckmans. This is a team. But it’s naive to think this isn’t going on. For one thing, it’s obvious that the Brians are not happy with the current state of the passing game. But is the QB “controversy” the reason?

Maybe. But it sure helps when receivers a) get open and b) catch the ball.

This is more a case of players getting frustrated with their own decreased roles. Thing is, Ohio State’s wide receivers and tight ends had a chance to make an impact before Tressel made the switch.

What’s this? Someone making sense of the situation? And they work for the ESPN? I don’t believe it! Rittenberg nails it. The offensive woes did not start when Terrelle took the reins. It just hasn’t dramatically improved yet, that’s all. He’s a freshman and needs time. (Ha! Asking college football fans to have patience makes me laugh (see: Michigan fans))

This is a theme going back to the 2007 title game. Fights breaking out in the locker room at halftime, players blaming each other. This does not foster trust. When your teammates come up to you and tell you “we owe you one,” it does not instill confidence.

All these distractions aren’t helping with a tough game coming up in three days.


  1. This really doesn’t surprise me, with all that I’ve seen on the field all year long. They’ve never played as a cohesive unit. The thing that irritates me is that if it’s true players are siding behind Boeckman and others behind Pryor, then Boeckman, as a captain, needs to call a players-only meeting and put an end to it.

  2. Just my opinion, but Rittenberg never gives any attribution to the notion that there’s a rift between players. He only suggests it:

    “A rift could be developing in the locker room between older players — particularly wide receivers and tight ends — who remain loyal to Todd Boeckman, and those who side with freshman Terrelle Pryor.”

    No attribution, no “I’ve heard players say,” just “a rift could be developing.”

    Then, he almost contradicts himself when he says:
    “I also believed Boone and guard Jim Cordle when they told me Pryor has their support and Boeckman is handling the situation as well as possible.”

    Then – amazingly! – he says “The bottom line is this type of talk can’t be helpful.”

    WHAT kind of talk?!? He didn’t give any examples. He went from some constructive criticism at the outset to speculation to treating his own speculation as if it were fact. Odd.

    IMO – Rittenberg is trying to scare something up, he’s angling for a story. There very well could be a rift, but there’s nothing whatsoever to indicate it.

  3. Good catch, sportsMonkey. You’ve convinced me.

  4. Media hyping sh** that isn’t there, or having no solid eveidence of it. Like you said , only suggesting it.

    And yes the Offensive woes started before Pryor was even on campus…………

  5. While it wouldnt surprise me if there were some issues in the locker room, I bet there are issues like this in almost every college football locker room across the country.

    Regardless, this could have been better handled by the players by actually performing in the games that they are playing. The “Brian’s” have been nothing short of awful this year..they cant get open…they cant catch the easy passes. They cant quit whining.

    The offensive line cant put it together and their shortcomings have helped the fast-tracking of TP…not the inconsistency of TB. Boeckman is what he is..a dropback passer that needs time. Players on the offensive line say that they are struggling, but continue to do nothing about it. Now you’ve got the tight end running his mouth…

    I just wish everyone would put half the energy used in running their mouths to the media as they would to play football.

    Can we make it stop? No…but JT sure can..and he needs to make it stop now.

    I dont have a problem with the media speculating. I have a problem with the team giving the media a reason to speculate.

  6. Where’s the restart button for this season?

    Oh that’s right. It’s this FUCKING weekend.


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