Week #7 Open Thread

We’re getting this one going early, there are a lot of great games going on today, so I figured we’d fire the engines up right as College Gameday on ESPN (sponsored by the GMC On-Star Drink by Drink Navigation System powered by Dr. Pepper on the EA Sports Screen presented by Frank Caliendo) gets started.

Let’s have a great day of football!

Update: Why is there Notre Dame football on my ABC station?!

I am so canceling my subscription to ABC. (Actually, I think something is up with ESPN)

Anyway, as sportsMonkey mentioned, Ohio State scored on a blocked punt none of us got to see, and now we’re back in business. I’ll be doing my semi-live updates from here.

But before we go any further, good on Texas for making Oklahoma play all four quarters, something they haven’t done all season long.

Who is this Minnesota team, and what have they done with the Real Gophers?

And once again, it’s time to LOL at the LOLverines. Can they beat anyone from Ohio?


OSU: 13
Purdue: 0

This is a boring game. I hope things change in the second half.

Third Quarter

OSU: 13
Purdue: 3

Someone has got to register Beanie’s arms as lethal stiff-arming devices.


OSU: 16
Purdue: 3

An ugly win is still a win, but that was not pretty. There’s a lot to be gleaned from this game, but I don’t feel like doing it right now. I’m going to have a nice dinner with the missus and pretend we won 36-3.


  1. UGH ABC screwed up the feed.


    ABC reports that they’ve moved the game to ESPN, but ESPN is treating it like it’s being blocked in the region.

    Anybody got this on TV yet?

  2. UGH UGH… OSU blocked a punt and ran it back for a TD early in the game. Local channel 6 affiliate has overloaded phone lines.

  3. I had the same problem. I have Dish, and after being on the phone for 15 minutes, I found the game on an alternate channel. Channel 6203 if you have Dish.

    I missed the first 5 minutes, someone fill me in if you saw it. thanks!

  4. Thanks, Greg. Things are all worked out, it’s back on ABC. I blame Charlie Weis overactive pituitary gland.

  5. UGH UGH UGH – what’s worse, not seeing the game or seeing this pathetic offensive effort?

    Pryor is throwing balls way off target. The O-line isn’t getting any blocks. The coaches screwed up the fake FG attempt. Mo Wells is being… well, Mo Wells.

    Can we put Jenkins at WR?

  6. Can this be anymore pathetic without loosing??? This should have been an easy blow out.

    Did Pryor stay in Madison? Oh there he is way back in the backfield on the ground again…THANK GOD for MJ!!

    This O-line needs a foot in the ass. We should have been running all over Purdon’t.


  7. jeff – i agree. Purdue not only has the worst defense in the Big 10, but they’re ranked 110 in the country.

    Time to stop making excuses… this is the worst Buckeye offense since Belli-sorry and co. back in 99. One or two good players does not a good offense make.

    If that same effort/execution continues, the Bucks will lose three or four more games this season.

  8. WHOA – Did anyone else see Beanie’s post-game comments to the reporters?

    “It was frustrating…” “Pryor was struggling…” “We need to throw more…” “Yeah, I’d love to [get the ball every time], but the offensive line has to do its job first…” etc., etc.

    No excuses from the offensive leader. YOU TELL ‘EM, CAPTAIN STIFFARM.

  9. buckeyedude says

    The blame goes to the offensive line. They are the common denominator in the losses to Florida, LSU, USC. Yesterday, the Purdue D ends lined up outside Rehring and ran past him like he wasn’t moving(actually, he wasn’t).

    This O-line has got to be the most overrated in OSU history. Let the new guys play: Connor Smith(soph), Brewster, Adams, Shugarts, and bench the seniors if they can’t get it done.

    PSU is looming and it won’t be pretty when they come to Columbus, if the O and D lines don’t get it together.

    I predict PSU 65 Michigan 7 next week.

  10. ATLBuckeye says

    While it’s easy to get frustrated with yesterday’s performance on offense, it’s the reality of having a freshman QB. These kinds of games are going to happen and it’s all part of the process. While Purdue’s still isn’t that good, they only gave up 20 to Penn State. It was ugly but it was still a win.

  11. ATLBuckeye – yeah, I agree that Pryor is making tons of mistakes. Most of those, though, are because (1) his receivers aren’t getting open, and (2) within a second or two of getting the ball, he’s having to run for his life.

    It’s an offensive failure that includes everyone (except Beanie), starting with Jim Bollman’s schemes and going down into the trenches and WRs.

    I’ve said it before: there is NO excuse for having playmakers and recruiting classes of this caliber and performing so poorly offensively (which was 81st in the nation before Sat’s game, and will probably drop closer to ~100th now). The only common denominator is the most overrated line in OSU history, and the coaching (Bollman).

  12. buckeyedude says

    I just read an article on Sporting News Online where Steve Rehring said, “the offensive line has not played good all year.”(to paraphrase)

    When even the O-line players admit it, you know there’s a problem.

    I’m sure bad and predictable play calling plays a part, but when a team has all of the talent in the skill positions that Ohio State has, there is no excuse to not get ONE FRIGGIN OFFENSIVE TOUCHDOWN VS. a weak Purdue defense not even ranked in the top 100!

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