Week #7: Purdue University – Open Thread

Separation Saturday. Veritable college football mana, sent from the Lord on High Himself, to sate his unworthy children on this great Saturday in Febtober.

That’s great and all, but this is a Buckeye Blog. We will keep a watchful eye on those teams above us. And that’s all. It’s all about the Purdue Boilermakers and that really big bass drum. Seriously. That thing is huge.

So what is there to look for in this game? Youth. After the carnage from OSU’s helmet-to-helmet collision with Wisconsin last week, it looks like we’ll be seeing more freshmen this game. This season was supposed to be the Year of the Senior. Turns out, we were all a few years early.

So what about those Boilermakers? How about some data? Buckeye Planet has their thorough preview up, as does The O-Zone.

Do the Boilermakers have a chance? Their fans don’t seem to think so, looking at what they think the keys to their victory are. Jeff at the BBC warns of a trap game.

The line sits at 19 (at least last time I checked). What say you?

Your prediction could win you a copy of Woody Hayes’ Ohio State Buckeyes on DVD (Available to the losers non-winners at Amazon.comand A&E TV). If your prediction is the closest to the final score, you win! Deadline for entry will be Saturday at 3:30 PM EDT. Former contest winners are not eligible. Lo siento.

(In the case of a tie-breaker, pick a winner of the OU/Texas game)

el Kaiser’s prediction:
I’ve been predicting offensive explosions lately, so I’m playing this one close to the vest. I still think OSU wins big, but they don’t cover.

OSU: 27
Purdue: 13

sportsMonkey’s predictions:
I have two: one that assumes Tresselball will continue in C-bus for the remainder of the year; and one that speculates that the reason for the vanilla schemes over the past month is temporary, and only due to Beanie’s injury and Pryor’s inexperience.

If it’s “I’m playing Tresselball”:
OSU: 27
Purdue: 13 (late TD in garbage time)

If it’s “Pryor has developed ahead of schedule and we should get him more practice with a wider playbook”:
OSU: 44
Purdue: 3


  1. ‘close to the vest’ < cute Kaiser, cute

    i think this will be another game where beanie makes a statement, climbs to #504 in EsPeaN’s heismen rankings (right behind my little sister who at 25 still has her own deadly stiff arm) and makes me jump and down screaming like a moron.

    tOSU: 24
    Purdue: 10

    i really think that texas is overrated (like always) so i’ll pick OU in a close, boring game.

  2. I’m going with the beloved Buckeyes also, so let’s go with a score of OSU, 13-9. Wasn’t that how Holy Buckeye ended (too lazy to google it)?

  3. OSU will cover, but they’ll do it late in a game that’s a lot closer than the score indicates. Purdue will put up a good fight early.

    OSU: 38
    Purdue: 17

    I’ve got to be crazy. I’m taking a Mack Brown coached Texas team minus Vince Young over a Bob Stoops coached Oklahoma team. Someone get a straight jacket.

    Texas by 3.

  4. The Purdue run defense, which is absolutely terrible, coupled with an offense that has been eratic at best should equal a bigtime blowout by OSU.

    The fact is, OSU has a true freshman at QB who honestly hasn’t put up huge numbers passing or throwing the ball. Wells will get his yards in big chunks, but OSU’s inability to throw the ball will keep this one closer than it should be.

    It will be interesting to see how OSU does against Purdue and compare it with how PSU handled Purdue. In turn the PSU vs UW game will be interesting for the same reason.

    OSU: 30
    Pur: 10

    Wells: 178 yards rushing and 2 TD’s
    Pryor: 50 yards rushing and 90 yards passing with 1 TD

    Can someone please wake up the redzone offense before Penn State gets to town?

  5. OSU: 28
    Pur: 10

  6. FlipBuckeye says

    OSU 31
    Purdue 10

    OU over the Texas McCoys

  7. tOSU – 40
    Purdon’t – 7

    Easy cover this week.

  8. NMUSpidey, Holy Buckeye was a 10-6 final.

    I’m going with 28-17, Buckeyes

  9. buckeyeblowoutwin says

    Silly Kade, don’t you know that when we get in the red zone THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is to kick a fieldgoal – that is our one and only objective at that point

  10. 35-7 buckeyes

  11. 23-6 OSU

    Oklahoma is going to win the Red River Shootout.

  12. DublinSaab says

    I have a feeling that Ohio State is going to get huge yardage numbers in this game and score every time they get the ball. I’ll go with 11 Buckeye possessions and call the score…

    OSU 33 – Purdue 17

  13. Cincinasty7 says

    Even though it looks like some of the younger players are going to get some p.t. I dont really feel they will have much of an impact other than pryor. Bucks offense gets back on track at home….and the D ..well still needs to pick up the play on the D line.


  14. buckeyeblowoutwin says

    My Prediction

    19-12 Buckeyes

    OU wins the game against Tx pretty easily 44-24

  15. Cincinasty7 says

    sorry forgot the tiebreaker
    mos def

    OU wins big

  16. Bucks – 34
    don’ts – 13

    OU beats Tx 37-20

  17. Ohio State 35

    Purdue 27

  18. OSU 37
    Purdue 13

    TX 21
    OU 20

  19. Buckeyes – 38
    Boilers – 10

    OU beats Texas by 14

  20. Bucks: 38
    Boilers: 13

  21. p.s. Sooners over Longhorns

  22. PS Where are the BUCKEYES on TV?

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