Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go RIGHT NOW

I love so much this story about Steve Rehring going full-Paterno during the Wisconsin game:

“He missed an 11-play drive,” Tressel said. “He had to go to the restroom, and so he probably would have played closer to half of the time, but he missed an 11 and then he missed like a 10 (play drive).”

That’s quite a restroom break.

“Well, there were multiple.

Haha! Rehring had the runs!

I remember, quite vividly, a game during my junior year (in high school) against Berea. A buddy of mine, who we’ll call Chewie (because he was big and hairy, like a Wookie) suddenly took off sprinting off the field at the end of a play during the third quarter. Through the endzone and out of BW stadium, heading right back to the locker room.

The coach screamed, “where the hell is Chewie going?” “He’s gotta take a dump, coach.”

Needless to say, he never lived that down.


  1. My “Chewie” do you mean YOU?

  2. I still need to find a copy of that Paterno game so I can make a video before we play the Lions….

  3. Well, Rehring is a good-sized dude, so I’m not surprised. Do we have a new phrase in our lexicon for someone who is struck by a similar, ah, ailment.. “He did a Rehring”?

  4. It’s actually already taken…

    He Paterno’d

    PS. Does Paterno even know where he is right now?

  5. Luscious Lars Anderson says


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