Week #6 Open Thread

Sorry this got up late. Things at Casa MotSaG are going to be ultra busy today. We won’t be around until late tonight, well after the OSU/Wisconsin game. Everyone on the team is busy all day. Figures it happened to be a night game. Most of us will be catching on tape delay, so no spoilers!

You can use this thread as your soap box to shout to the world. We’ll try to keep the newer comments approved as soon as we can.

If you’re looking for something to talk about, how about Wisconsin’s Band getting suspended indefinitely for… well, go read it yourself. (thanks to reader LBock for the tip)

If that doesn’t get the discussion going, how about this: it drives me crazy when TV announcers call tackles “touchdown saving tackles”. Aren’t THEY ALL?

Go Bucks!


  1. beanie = the win

    ‘eat my stiff arm of justice!’

  2. step 1: hire new defensive coordinator
    step 2: hire new offensive coordinator
    step 3: delight in our 4 horsemen (pryor, beanie, herron, robo)

    ok, well, maybe 3 and a half horsemen, but you get the idea…

    a win is a win.

  3. Well I didn’t have all the details right but I like my prediction of 20-17. So I’m a homer! Is it me or do you hold your breathe every time Ray Small gets around the football? He had a big catch on the last drive but that guy seems to lack focus! All in all great win!!!

  4. There must be more urgency to recruit DTs. Including JUCOs.

  5. @lancelott – It was a beauty to behold. Moar STIFFARM! Not sure we need a new d-coordinator just yet, but Bollman needs to go.

    @Mike – Your prediction was pretty darn good. Congrats!

    And yes, anytime Small has the ball I get nervous and excited all at the same time. It’s not good for the heart.

    @Tom – completely agreed. We need some beefy DTs to clog up the middle.

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