Week #6: University of Wisconsin – Open Thread

I thought about posting this on Saturday, giving us something to do with our free time while we wait the unbearably long hours until kick-off. Unfortunately, most of the MotSaG camp will be AFK during the game, so hopefully YNBA will be able to hook us up with the semi-live blogging of the game.

Oh, by the way? Pay no attention to the recent upset of a team ranked higher than Ohio State. Nothing to see there.

To get your Buckeye Knowledge on, Chris over at 11 Warriors wraps up Tressel’s press conference earlier this week, with lots of Wisconsin Game chewy goodness. They also have the most recent depth chart for your examination.

You worried about Terrel Pryor’s first away-from-home start? We’re not. Neither is Buckeye Commentary.

You want Buckeye Planet? We got your Buckeye Planet right here. If you’re looking for more previews, check out Dotting The “I” or the Gerdeman’s preview at The O-Zone.

Now it’s time for predictions: This time, though, we’re doing things a little different. We’re upping the ante and holding a little contest. Hopefully this will become a common occurrence around these parts. For this week’s prize, we’re giving away a copy of Woody Hayes’ Ohio State Buckeyeson DVD. If your prediction is the closest to the final score, a winner will be you! Deadline for entry will be Saturday at 8:00 PM EDT.

The tie-breaker question is: How gains more yards on the ground, OSU’s running game or Wisconsin’s?

My predictions:
Final score: OSU 31 – Wisconsin 27
Ground game: Wisconsin falls behind earlier, forcing them to go to the air, while Beanie grinds out yards and clock time: OSU

sportsMonkey’s predictions:
Final score: OSU 38 – Wisconsin 17
Ground game: If we’re going by past trends as being indicative of future performance, Wisco has been struggling with mobile QBs. Pryor and Wells will outrush Pajamas Hill and Co.: OSU


  1. i already posted this at 11W, but i think its so good that it can go twice.

    tOSU – 31
    Wisc – 17

    tOSU pounds the ball down wisconsin’s throat.

    ps. i called both upsets this thursday, too bad those angry beavers couldn’t put the non-mormons away.

  2. tOSU – 31
    Wisc – 21


  3. FlipBuckeye says

    31-20 OSU badgers the Badgers.

    Wisky WILL run successfully on us but we’ll run just as hard and way faster. OSU prevails in that dept. Wisky will need to go to the dangerous Travis Beckum in order to keep up with us. We must not let him burn us on a big play. (I’m talking to you Freeman and JL)

  4. FlipBuckeye says

    Wow our predictions are close.

  5. tOSU 38
    Wisc 14

    I am going out on a limb here but I believe this can and will happen. Wisky will run a little but TP and Beanie will be on top of their game.

  6. I think this game turns out a lot closer than people might otherwise hope for.

    OSU: 24
    Wisky: 17

    The running game for both teams will be quite impressive, but the vast array of running options for the Buckeyes will prove to be more successful than the typical Wisconsin pounding. Running game: OSU

  7. OSU 24
    Wiscaaaaansin 10

    28 and 2 prove to be too much for the front 7 of the Badgers, and OSU racks up the yardage on the ground. OSU’s new look front 4 play to their potential and force the Badgers to go to the air and this creates turnovers.

  8. OSU 28 – Wisky 24
    Wisky forces Pryor to make a couple “freshman” mistakes, Todd spells him and then the Buckeyes get back on track and come back to win this game.

  9. I think this won’t be as close as the score indicates, but it will be a grinding game on both sides (and probably a boring game for impartial outsiders). UW gets a late field goal to make it a 1 score game.

    OSU – 17
    UW – 10

  10. UW’s ability to run the ball and chew up clock will keep this game close and will be the key to the game. OSU did a very bad job agains the one team they played this year that didn’t run the spread (USC). The Badgers have no shortage of talent at tailback and no shortage of size on the Oline. JL needs to have a big game and live up to all of his hype. No more tackles 10-15 yards downfield. OSU needs him to be making these tackles 0-5 yards downfield. If that happens, it will force the Badgers to throw the ball. Something they simply can’t do all that well.

    OSU also has a tendancy of making average QB’s look like Joe Montana. Please see Matt Flynn. Everage isn’t very good. Could OSU please get some pressure on him and stop playing a soft zone most of the time?

    On offense OSU needs to attack on the ground, a weakness of the UW defense. Pryor seems like a big game QB. An 8pm road game agains a conference rival can only bring out the greatness in him. I would like to see OSU throw the ball down field a bit more than last week. The UW defensive strength is their pass defense but if OSU can run the ball with success, that will open up the playaction game.

    Terrelle Pryor + Chris Wells means the running game will work. Sorry, UW-you arent’ stopping both guys. In fact you won’t stop either. OSU will be able to move the ball, but the key for their offense will be their ability to turn FG’s into TD’s. Something they have struggled with this year. Too many FG’s. I’m guessing the playbook will also be opened up a bit more this game. Remember last years PSU game.

    OSU: 34
    UW: 23

    Pryor: 89 yards rushing/124 yards passing 3 total TD’s

    Wells: 145 yards rushing and one or two devistating, spirit breaking runs.

  11. Buckeyeblowoutwin says

    Kade, I like the analysis, but I have one different thought about Pryor’s performance.

    Pryor: 90 yards rushing and 125 yards passing

    I do like the Wells prediction as spot on, though. But, Our D will get run on, unfortunately. I think Wisconsin will rack up at least 150 on the ground and that will keep the Badgers in the game the entire time.

    If Pryor makes no mistakes and some big plays then maybe it could be a 2 TD win. If he makes mistakes near his goal then we can lose. If he makes no mistakes but makes no real huge plays then we grind it out to the tune of 24-17

  12. OSU: 35
    Wis: 24

    LiC and Beanie are just too much for the Badgers. (I mean, come on, if Steven Threet can do it…please.) OSU outruns Wisky.

  13. Cincinasty7 says

    yo yo mas cousin ….little nepatizzzz

    OSU 20
    UW 10

    OSU rushing …beanie

  14. buckeyeblowoutwin says

    what is the over/under on false start penalties we get in the red zone, if camp randall is all fired up??

    I put it at 5
    Boone – 2 penalties
    Brewster – 2 penalties
    Browning – 1 penalty

  15. OSU 20
    Wisky 17

    Late turnover on what would be game winning drive for Wisconsin and the Bucks seal it with field goal. Pryor struggles but plays well in the end…when it matters most. Not good on the nerves but should be a great game to watch!

  16. buckeyeblowoutwin says


    I would like a little more security than that. I too think it will be close, but hopefully something where we are playing keep away at the end, rather than finding a TO to seal it for us

  17. omg! OH defense is horrible against any talent!

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