Week #5 Open Thread

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but have just now gotten around to it. Feel free to use this as an open forum to comment on everything else going on this fine Saturday of College Football.

Right now, two major upsets brewing, both involving hated Florida Teams. Go Ole Miss!

Florida: 30
Ole Miss: 31

It’s parity in the SEC, people. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Holy CRAP! I leave for dinner at the half of the Wisky/UM game and come back to a huge upset? Luckily, those Baja Fresh tacos were worth it. What happened in the second half?!

Update: This PSU/Illinois is fantastic and the UGA/’Bama game is pathetic. Alabama is absolutely hammering the #3 team in the Nation. Oh that’s right. Forgot about that parity.


  1. BYU 2009 NATL CHAMPS lol

  2. @SYR – You’ve got to believe!

  3. UM/UW is a fumble-fest. Sloppiest game I’ve seen in a long time, & it’s only the second qtr.

    HAHAHAHAH Florida! TebOwn3d.

  4. LOL @ The Fumble Roosky Bowl.

  5. Michigan started looking like Michigan again (scary, decent football team), and Wisconsin started looking like Wisconsin again (pissing it away). That’s basically the simple answer. =)

  6. No explanation for the CHOKE, absolute CHOKE, that Wisconsin just pulled. Incredible.

    Now, they’re going to be pissed off @ home vs. the Buckeyes. Just what we don’t need.

    Tressel better have the Buckeyes fired up, because the Wisky fans are going to be throwing marshmellows with quarters in them at the Buckeye fans, players and coaches.

  7. @Eric and buckeyedude – Man, sounds like I missed some fun.

  8. el Kaiser: the Misheegoon/Wisky game was one of the “weirdest” games I’ve ever witnessed.

  9. Does anyone have a resonable explanation how during an upset weekend, The OSU doesn’t move in the polls?

  10. A.) because we didnt beat anyone good.

    B.) the team we lost to lost to a horrible team blown out by PSU.

    C.) We dont deserve to move up (YET)

    D.) of the people ranked above us who are we better than ….. right now.

    E.) Non OSU fans hate OSU and we wont sniff the top 5 for a long time to come due to our inability to win big games lately.

    It is a long season and I am sure each of these reasons are prob true to some extent. Lets not begin to worry about stupid polls when our team has so many other issues to discuss like how bad will we crush Wiskie this weekend.

  11. A- who has BYU beaten? They moved from 15 to 8

    B- The team we lost to, will probably win out

    C- We definitley didn’t deserve to move down after beating Troy & when there are 6 upsets. We should have moved

    D- don’t think it has to do with “Non OSU Fans”

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