Minnesota Game Semi-live update

First Quarter

Beanie rumbles for 28 after his first carry went no where and then Pryor turned on the jets for the touchdown. That was exactly how we needed to start this game.

OSU: 7
Minn: 0

That was a nice strip by the Minnesota Dlinemen. It was also nice to see the D hold strong and only allow 3 points
touchdown. That was exactly how we needed to start this game.

OSU: 7
Minn: 3

Second Quarter

This Pryor kid is going to be pretty good, I think. If he can keep up that almost 20 yd/carry average, he’ll do just fine.

This settling for field goals again will not do.

OSU: 13
Minn: 3

Hurdling defenders is the new black. Nice touch pass from Terrel to Robiskie. It appears Evil Robo is taking the day off.

OSU: 20
Minn: 3


A few thoughts: Beanie doesn’t look 100%, but this just further proved an 85% Beanie is pretty much better than anyone else out there. Although that hurdle there in the second quarter throws my initial appraisal in doubt.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I can’t gush enough about how Terrel Pryor is becoming THE MAN.

The line is still shaky but is getting the job done most of the time.

Third Quarter

Virtual MotSaG Standing Ovation© for Todd Boeckman.

OSU: 34
Minn: 6


Good on Minnesota for not quitting after beeing down big. They put a couple nice drives together against an OSU defense that was still playing some of its starters. And double good on Boeckman for that nice TD pass, but that catch by Robiskie was a thing of beauty.

Now it’s time to spend the rest of the day watching the rest of the nation play.


  1. The biggest flaw in the game so far belongs to the coaches… that second drive was pathetic. After the success of the first drive, they get 2nd and 12, and line up in power I with Herron.

    Then the delay of game stuff, not getting the play into the huddle.

    But O…M…G… If Beanie gets to be 100%… and Pryor gets more experience, no defense in the country will stop this new scheme. Only unimaginative coaching will stop the Buckeye offense from now on.

  2. That 4th-qrtr hit by Pryor was shades of Vince Young.

  3. Missed the game today, too busy golfing…

    What was the story with the MN touchdown drives in the 4th qtr? Was Heacock playing “prevent”? 2nd/3rd tean defense in? Other?

    Thanks, Ken

  4. @Ken – It was a combination of both. There were quite a few 2nd and 3rd teamers were in there on Minny’s 2 TDs. They weren’t aggresive, either. No blitzes, no pressure. Pretty vanilla and uninspired defense.

  5. el Kaiser,
    Thanks, I appreciate it. I was hoping for the first reason, afraid of the second.

    As a side note, thanks for your blog work, it’s pretty lonely for college (especially OSU) football stuff up here in Buffalo. Turner Gill is doing a good job with UB, but it’s just not the same.

  6. Ken… both of those 4th qrter TD drives were kept alive by defensive penalties. Two on one drive, one on the other.

    Also, on one fourth down conversion, the refs allowed _three_ Buckeye lineman to be outright tackled, w/o a flag.

    I thought they were plenty aggressive, ran tons of blitzes. It was the third-team d-line, and the penalties, and the refs feeling bad for Minny that allowed the late 14 pts.

    Overall, though, nobody was playing like they really cared (seemed like the B10 network announcers were more concerned about it than OSU was).

  7. sportsmonkey,
    Thanks for the fill-in, I appreciate it.

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