The Boo-birds

I’m going to be frank. If you booed Todd Boeckman last Saturday after his underthrown pass, you are not a good person. Plain and simple.

I had written a really long post why you are a bad person, but it just wasn’t coming out right. Suffice it to say, he didn’t deserve it. No one in his position, having done what he did, deserved that.


  1. I agree. I’m not a fan of Boeckman, but I was embarrassed that people booed him. I’ve gained a lot of respect for Todd with the way he’s handling this situation, especially with “fans” acting the way they did Saturday.

  2. i agree, todd had run out of chances, but he didn’t deserve that…

  3. They weren’t saying “boo,” they were saying “Boo-eckman.”

    But seriously,I was appalled at that. The only other quarterback I have seen booed in my time here was Justin Zwick, and I felt the same way. Todd is no stellar player, but he’s not doing anything wrong. He’s trying his best. Sure he’s failing, but we don’t tell C students to just pack it up and go to McDonald’s, do we?

  4. If you watch the replay, you could buy the idea that a lot of the boos were for Tressel abandoning something that was working for three high-risk low-percentage bad playcalls in a row.

    I do feel bad for Todd. Not just because his Buckeye legacy was defined last week at USC, and not only because he lost his starting job at OSU, but because he just lost his entire pro football future. No way he gets to the NFL now. It’s CFL or Arena at best for Todd.

  5. Notice in the picture not one of the people booing are wearing scarlet. HMMMMMMM.

  6. other than the women I just noticed. LOL

  7. So quick to forget 1st All Big 10! Change was needed but booing was classless…I remember Zwick being booed as well, but remember who replaced him!!?? Good times are sure to come…GO BUCKS!

  8. It’s a football game people. No reason to boo a guy for playing poorly against the top teams in the nation.

    Boeckman has done nothing but represent OSU to the very best of his ability.

    He desserves more respect than he’s gotten from the 53 year old mullet wearing townie that has nothing better to do than boo a guy for throwing an interception in an amatuer football game.

    It’s like booing a pop warner kid for missing tackles.

  9. @Maje – I knew it was Booeckman. Makes so much more sense now!

    @SM – I definitely think Tressel and the coaches were also targets of the booing, but it was Boeckman that had just thrown a ball into the ground.

    @Todd – That was some random image of people booing. I couldn’t find any scarlet and gray people booing, because there hasn’t been a lot of reasons in the past few years to boo.

    @Kade – Exactly. But Boeckman’s not exactly a kid anymore. He’s what, 29 years old? 🙂

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