Week #4: Troy University – Open Thread

No time for posts, just Open Threads. Blogging should resume its regularly scheduled programming (ha!) soon.

Will the Buckeyes win?


  1. “Will the Buckeyes win?”

    Troy has a mobile QB and they’re a quick team. For the first time in my life, I think they have a chance of losing at home to a “cupcake”.

    Saturday could be our “Appy State” moment.

  2. Troy is no cupcake, considering our previous 2 games. They have a highly touted scoring offense and defense. And are not afraid a mixing it up with Big Boy Div. 1A programs. We are favored by I believe 21 points……….how can we be favored that high when we have even seen the endzone in 2 games offensively. If at best we should be favored by 3 due to it being at the Shoe.

    I will have chilled Yager Miester on stand by with an Everclear chaser if for the 3rd consecutive week we look like the overrated team we are labeled. Because right now………that shoe definatley fits .

    Someone on this team light a spark, a fire , something. And if it happens to be the Freshman from Jeanette , P.A…………so be it.

  3. Sweet mother of god…

    TP starts…and the first TD is to a Tight End…

    What in the wide world of sports is going on out there?

  4. Buckeye fans ………..the Pryor era has begun…………

  5. YNBA – it wasn’t just TP… they made some adjustments to the starting OL and DL too.

    Getting Cordle away from center and over to guard was a start, but we still need some more new faces on the OL. Seeing Brewster start was refreshing – but I’d still like to see Shugarts or Adams replace Person.

    DL-wise, at least some attempt was made at coaching today. Spread offense = 4 DEs on the line most of the game. Effective? Somewhat. We’ll see if they stick with that when the Bucks meet up with PSU.

    And someone has finally realized that Mo Wells has had enough chances. Back to mop-up duty for you, my son.

    I’ll tell you what… when the Bucks get Beanie back… this offense just might EXPLODE. It could be 2005 all over again.

  6. sportsMonkey…

    I hope you are right…this is the kind of season that could start a downward spiral for the program. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Beanie to come back.

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