OSU/USC Semi-live Update


Just getting things ready. Not sure how many people will actually be checking the site, as I’m sure everyone will be glued to the TV, but if you do, feel free to vent in the comments.

First quarter
After two possessions, I think it’s clear that this is going to be a defensive slugfest. Malcolm Jenkins made an excellent open field tackle on McKnight. Now we just need to get some rhythm this offensive series.

Pryor is being used to great effect with this drive, but they’re being predictable in the red zone. We’ll take a field goal and chewing up clock. Of course we want a TD, but we’ll take what we can get.

USC – 0
OSU – 3

On what looked like a broken assignment, USC’s FB sneaks out for a little pass play up the sideline for a quick touchdown.

USC – 7
OSU – 3

Second quarter
USC’s offense is a well-oiled machine. Someone on defense is going to have to get pressure on Sanchez. He has entirely too much time. OSU needs another drive to take some time. The penalty on USC should help out.

USC – 14
OSU – 3


I don’t want to say it yet, but I have to. These PAC-10 officials are worse then high school refs. Does the phrase “ticky tack” mean anything to them?

Excellent to see the Buckeye defense get USC off the field. Laurinaitis is playing extremely well right now. Keep it up D!!

Boeckman throws the ball directly to Maualuga, who steps out at the 5 yard line. Someone please tell me what the officials in the booth were looking at!

USC – 21
OSU – 3

Chekwa just made an extremely athletic play to make a beautiful interception to end the half.

Some half-time thoughts: I’ve been accused of being a Boeckman lover in the past, but I’m about done with that. Pryor comes in and absolutely gashes USC’s D, and then Boeckman airmails a pass to Maualuga. I want to see A LOT more Pryor in the second half. You might say that I have a fever, and more Pryor would make me feel better.

Even though the scoreboard doesn’t reflect it, we are in this game. Take away the INT and get that TD and/or 46 yard field goal and this is a different game. Be that as it may, we’re still in striking distance, but the defense has to throw a shut out in the second half.

Third Quarter
They’re only going to be able to lean on the defense for so long, Boeckman. It’s time to step up.

I will say that last sack on Boeckman ended with a late hit from Maualuga. That was a dirty spear.

Fourth Quarter
It’s all about pride now.

USC: 35
OSU: 3

I’m getting tired of USC’s players constantly looking for flags. We know this is your officiating crew, but just stop it.


  1. Sadly I can’t watch it. Staying at my parents till I ship to Basic Training, and they don’t have cable, and their Antenna doesn’t pick up the local ABC channel. Trying to follow it on ESPN is irritating…

  2. Completely agree…The QB draw on 1st and goal from the 5 was way too obvious.

  3. Punky Brewster says

    Ugh. I’ve run out of chocolate and now I’m eating cheese crackers. The nervous eating is giving me heartburn. Boeckman is making me gassy.

  4. I’m sick of it. It’s all – ALL – coaching. Time to fire all the assistants. All of them. If not them, then Tressel needs to go.

  5. More ranting about the coaching – the team is playing undisciplined, reactionary, and the playcalls that have worked have not been re-tried.

    Early in the 2nd, it was 3rd and 4, and the playcall was to 180 pound Boom Herron in the I. Naturally, it went for a loss, but the Bucks got the first down on a facemask. They caught a break, but you now understand why OSU cannot play with the big teams.

    This coaching staff does not have any aggressive streak to them. Looking at USC’s schemes and coaching… I admit I’m jealous. That’s how Tressel used to be. Why he’s changed in the past four years, I don’t know.

  6. Not sure what you mean by blaming the coaches, but that is your opinion, and however misguided or wrong it may be, you are still entitled to it.

    I’m interested to hear your reasons, besides the 3 and 4 call.

  7. el Kaiser – it’s the coaches’ responsibility to make sure the players are ready and disciplined. Have you watched the game so far?

    And it’s not just this game… this is the seventh game in a row that the scheme has been absolutely wrong. The players are not playing with discipline and class. They haven’t played with anything remotely looking like swagger, pride, or intensity.

    And the worst decision EVER is Tressel’s in benching Wells for the game. When he did that, he told the world he wasn’t as serious about this game as he was Troy next week. Pathetic.

    And now as I type this, the offense has totally given up. Completely. No coach is talking to them on the sideline – they’re letting the players sulk. Pathetic again.

    On the plus side, we now know what is reasonable to expect with this team. Perhaps eight wins this year would be nice.

  8. Punky Brewster says

    To quote a wise man: “Weak sauce.”

    G’night all. Have a good week next week.

  9. zOMG… pick play for the backbreaking TD.

  10. Thanks, Punky! Sorry we had to break your new TV in with the most pathetic performance in Buckeye history. Have a quiet week. 🙂

  11. @monkey – The coaches can only do so much, bro. ARE YOU watching the game? Is Tressel out there blocking? This is a debacle on every front, not just the coaches.

  12. el Kaiser – agreed. The players collectively suck. And… as I type, Boeckman just panicked and threw another INT. Wonderful.

    However, these issues go back to 2006, with the previous group of Buckeye players. Same problems, different players = coaching problems.

    It’s everyone. Graduation and the NFL have changed the players, now it’s time to change the coaches. We’ll start with the assistants, and if improvements don’t come – it’ll be time to say goodbye to the Vest. It’s not about winning and losing – it’s about humiliating the university again and again and again.

  13. I was talking with a friend of mine tonight, a Texas fan, who said, “No team in the country would have beaten USC tonight. No team this season will beat USC.”

    I do think my friend was right. However, the WAY we lost was what bothered me. Zero intensity and passion.

    During his two years as a starter, Boeckman has been frequently compared to Craig Krenzel. As I sat and watched this game in disgust, I really scoff at those comparisons. Krenzel always found a way to win. In the multiple games without Clarett the championship season, Craig stepped up his play. Boeckman has DIGRESSED over the last 10 games. He shrivels in the face of adversity.

    I think TP is the wave of the future. Start him now and let him grow. I know the media consensus is that the Big 10 sucks, but Wisconsin, Illinois, and Penn State will not be cake walks. If the Buckeyes hope to get to a BCS bowl game, Pryor needs to be the first option.

    After the season is over, I think Tressel reassesses his subordinates. There is no way explanation for a senior-laden team to lose in the FASHION in which it lost tonight. I think the top two coordinators need to go.

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