Countdown to Kickoff!

2008-9-13 20:22:00 GMT-04:00

Update: Take this for what it is (a 3rd-handed rumor) but we’ve heard that if Beanie plays, look for a backfield of Beanie, Pryor and Boeckman. Could be scary. If Beanie doesn’t play, look for a dual-QB backfield.

Also, I updated the clock to reflect an 8:22 PM kickoff, which I believe is the scheduled kickoff time.


  1. I’m still not convinced that Beanie is out for tomorrow’s game. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

  2. ESPN reported tonight that Tressel supposedly said that “if Beanie wakes up tomorrow and wants to play, we’ll let him.”

    Doesn’t sound like something that Tressel would say, but it’s positive news nonetheless.

    Also, I did hear a starting USC secondary player say to a reporter “Who cares [if Wells starts]?!? I’m sick of hearing about it. We’ll be ready for whoever shows up.”

  3. Wells is going to play. It’s all a ruse.

    The Buckeyes just better be FIRED UP!

  4. Beanie doesn’t play defense………….

    They key to our success and what will set things up for whoever starts at TB will be the play from our own Defense.

    They have to play pissed off, and make Sanchez uncomfortable. And its been proven that he is erratic when pressured. And I honestly think after a couple hard shots , he won’t be as mobile as people think.

    Our receivers have got to get open ( seperation ) and catch everything, YES everything.

  5. I’m nervous. I hope I don’t pull a Joe-Pa and soil my pants and have to run off the field…

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