Beanie’s Not Playing has the details. (via 11 Warriors)

Update: I just watched Sports Center on the ESPN, and Erin Andrews said that coach Tressel told her that if Beanie came up to him tomorrow (Saturday) morning and said he wanted to play, that Coach Tressel would consider it. This was before Tressel said Beanie was out, so take that as you wish. Either way, I think people are over-estimating USC’s prowess and under-estimating OSU’s chances.

That’s why they play the game.


  1. CNN confirms this. Tressel announced his decision to the team tonight.

    He said “Beanie was getting 15 treatments a day for his foot.” I’m assuming “treatments” means “pain shots.”

    He also mentioned something about Beanie being very angry at the decision.

    Words escape me – this is just not fair. Can this team catch a break, for crying out loud?!?

  2. I think it is a ruse to throw off USC and Carroll. I’d be willing to bet Beanie is going to play.

    Bet on it.

  3. Hey All,

    I wanted to post something from another site…updated today, from someone that is in direct contact witht the players…including Wells. The godd Wells, not that fall down artist from Florida.

    Here you go:

    “here is what I know….

    Beanie says he is fine–and says he is “good to go”–and has been saying this for a while…..

    the players as of YESTERDAY –to a man—all thought he was totally fine….

    the people that I talk to that are “close” to the program–ALL thought he was fine…..

    let it suffice to say that EVERYONE is a bit confused right now…….”

  4. Disappointed says

    This game is horrible…what is Tress thinking…oh yea, he’s not. Beckman at QB has added tremendously to the loss against USC. This only makes me wonder…is the alumni/booster of OSU prejudice? Didn’t Smith have to prove himself over and over and over again before he was starting QB? Is that what Tress will do this time too? The questions of OSU being overrated seems to be answered tonight

  5. @Disappointed – You’re being ridiculous if you think Terrell Pryor’s lack of playing time is due to ANYTHING but being a young freshman. Stop that train of thought immediately.

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