USC Week Bits and Pieces

OSU FootballAs USC Week is now in full swing, here are a few items of interest.

First, let’s get this out of the way. Bill Plaschke from the LA Times and west coast wank aimed the fecal cannon that is his keyboard and barfed out “To a man, Trojans should be motivated for this one” in response to Ray Small’s comment that USC teaches its players how to play football while OSU teaches its players how to be better men. (Thanks to MotSaG reader Steve A. for the tip). You can read it if you want to, it’s just going to make you angry.

Anyway, here’s a little tip for ol’ Billy-boy. We know you don’t right a lot about OSU, so we’ll give you a head’s up. Want to know the fastest way to lose credibility with anyone outside of Dade County? Say things like this:

And, yeah, at the end of that 2002 national championship game against Miami? Bad call. That was not pass interference. Period.

Scoreboard and scoreboard.

Things have been getting testy between USC’s finest and Buckeye Nation. This happened a couple weeks ago, but after the Carson Palmer gaffe, a lesser-known, lesser-respected, lesser-not-skinny LenDale White thought he’d join the fray and throw his two-sense in to the OSU Hatefest by saying, “Hey, listen, Ohio State sucks!” on the Jim Rome show. Romeo called it a “non-sequitur but I’m not buying it. If you’ll step in the way-back machine with me, we’ll head back to the fall of 2006 when one (probably skinnier) LenDale White got his pretty little SoCal mouth smacked by one Donny Nickey after he spat on him. Wittle WenDale’s feewings got huwrt and now he wants to stick it to OSU. This is coming from a guy who didn’t even start on his own team.

On a little more pleasant note, on the sidebar of this Ivan Maisel article is Pete Carroll’s Rose To Remember. One thing that Plashcke and his ilk can’t stand is that Ohio is the fountain that feeds the college football coaching landscape. They just can’t stand it.

Worried about the way USC dismantled Virginia a couple weeks ago? Don’t be. The young Virginia D-line couldn’t get any pressure on Sanchez. Heck, he was grilling steaks back there, he had so much time. I’ll take mine medium rare, Mark. If there was any bright spots in last weeks OU sleep-walk, it was that the Buckeye D-line was getting penetration play after play. Now they just need to work on keeping containment, something that shouldn’t be a problem against Sanchez. Constant penetration and pressure on Sanchez = happy Buckeye fans.

Hopefully you’re following Dr. Saturday’s Trobuckalypse. Hinton has been the most even-handed voice in this whole thing. You can check out Day One, Day Two, Day Three and Day Four. (Check back for link updates).

I could go on, but you’ve probably already given up reading by now. We’ll save some links for the open thread. Will just finish up with this: Buckeye Commentary summing up everything going on in the college football fanosphere to great effect with a simple graphic.

Finally, as a reward for making it this far, a little Michigan bloggery is in order. There’s an interesting story about how Michigan is handling a touchy situation with an ineligible recruit. And by handling, I mean not touching it with a thirty-nine and a half foot pole. I haven’t seen any blogs pick up yet. (h/t Bill @ The Nut and the Feisty Weasel). I read that article and simply go “Huh? That’s just not right.”


  1. Two words, Plashke…

    Bush Push

  2. I somehow ended up in a conversation today about how OSU (or boosters) pay all of their recruits and how that’s the only way that they have good recruiting classes. Then some other guy drinking the USC koolaid said that OSU should be penalized severely for “paying” athletes.

    Hello? OJ Mayo? Reggie Bush?

  3. *I’m not insinuating that USC or its boosters paid the two. But they were violating NCAA regulations and there was no way in hell that USC didn’t know about it.

  4. @Jeff – Nice call. The Bush Push was terrible.

    @C – The benefits Bush and his family received have been well documented. Your point is well taken.

  5. USC throwing stones??? fuck them. somehow missed in all of the hoopla surrounding ESPN’s lynching of OSU a few years ago was this little thing called vindication

    god dam I hop we play the game of our lives … we are going to need it

  6. So is it safe to assume that the announcing crew will call for the AD and Carroll’s jobs after running down the list of Reggie Bush injustices, during the OSU-USC game?

    Oh that’s right…ESPN only does that during bowl season…and teams not named USC or Oklahoma.

    My bad…

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