“I’m listing him as doubtful.”

Read it here.

More updates to follow, but this is not good.


  1. I still think that he is going to play. He’ll get treatment multiple times today, tomorrow, and Saturday and with a nice pre-game cortisone shot he will play.

    Until the update comes where Tressel says that he is not playing at all, I am not worried.

  2. “Worried” I am for sure. The one thing that the Buckeye Xtra link doesn’t say that the other links do is that Tressel said he would be reevaluating him again tomorrow.

    I’m with YNBA, I see Beanie playing, but not much – and definitely not starting. It’s terrible news either way.

  3. Tressel translation – “here’s a nugget to keep USC guessing until game time”

  4. Don’t really get the “guessing” thing. Would the OSU offense really change much with or without him? It would be more effective, yes, but I’m not sure it would have much of an impact on actual strategy.

  5. James, did you watch the Ohio game?

    Boom, Zoom and Mo Wells are all good running backs – there’s no question there. But none of them have the power or skill of Beanie. Nor do any of them have the experience, or the stiff-arm of doom (or “of justice”, or “The Varsity Club”, or whatever we’re calling it these days). Game strategy clearly changes when you know for certain you can pick up that crucial 4th and 1, and when you don’t know. It also changes when you know that you can pick up 3 yards on the ground whenever you feel like it, regardless what the defense decides to do.

  6. Eric – not so fast, my friend. Most would argue that this is Tressel’s weakness – continuing to stick with a game plan that doesn’t work.

    E.g., last week, OSU had a good drive going, working on alternate routes and formations out of the Pistol. They drove down to near FG range, and found themselves in a 3rd and 6 situation. What did Tressel do? Power I formation with Mo Wells. Of course, loss on the play, punt.

    Tress now has a reputation for not being reactionary. He’s developed a habit of avoiding adjustments, even in the face of failure, on the assumption that “if the players execute, the gameplan will eventually work.”

    That’s our fear about Beanie’s absence this weekend. Will Tressel realize that he CANNOT run the same offense? Historical trends indicate ‘no.’


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