Week #2: Ohio University – Open Thread

OSU FootballDue to unseen forces (our bosses, lack of a 26 hour day, ennui), we were unable to get an open thread put together for today. So we’ll leave this thread open for anyone wishing to speak their peace, whether it be about Beanie’s golden toe, Terrell Pryor’s snaps or Mo Wells’ dreads.

Don’t worry, Buckeye fans. Things get really exciting next week.


  1. This just in – Chris Fowler reads MotSaG!

    He just said (and I quote) “Who will be the Sgt Hulka for the Buckeyes today”

  2. Hahahah, seriously? That would be awesome.

  3. Yes, he said it. I was watching and freaking out when I heard it.

  4. That is awesome. Thanks for the heads up on that one, Jeff.

  5. AWESOME. Not just because he ripped us off, but because we made awesome fun of him just a few posts down in our Gameday Preview. Chances are we gave the ESPN crew some LOL time.

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