An Open Letter to the Big Ten

Dear Big Ten,

Could you please win all your non-conference games this fall? We Buckeye fans would really appreciate it. We’ll cross the Bowl Games bridge when we come to it.

Men of the Scarlet and Gray


  1. While you are at it, could you email the big ten and tell them to get rid of the big ten network so guys like me who live in VA can watch the damn games

  2. An Open Letter to Ohio State:

    Dear Ohio State,

    If you’re going to run the table and win the Big Ten this year, please don’t embarass the conference in the BCS Championship game again. We would really appreciate it.


  3. Open letter from the Big Ten to OSU. Please beat USC. All the other Big Ten teams could win their “important” non-con’s by 20 points but if you lose to USC, the Big Ten will be labeled a joke and there is no way two Big Ten teams will get in the BCS.

  4. el kaiser and zach..

    Seconded on both accounts…No BTN in Seattle as of last night. There are way too many Big Ten transplants out here for them to ignore us…but hey…I have the Speed network in HD…thank goodness for that

  5. @Zach – I feel for ya, man. I have BTN and happen to actually like it, but I’m still smack dab in Buckeye Country. Sorry!

    @Mike – We’re trying! We’re just hoping for another chance.

    @Mike 2 – So true.

    @YNBA – Speed Nework? That has OSU football? Never heard of it.

  6. el Kaiser…

    Awww…you know…they give us a bunch of HD channels that we’ll never watch.

    I’ll run down to Sport Restaurant (Alumni hangout) here in Seattle to take in the game.

  7. Funny stuff.

    Hey BrownEye Fans,

    You are perennial losers, chokers and don’t even play in a real conference. The “minor 10” hasn’t done diddley in many, many years. You’re outclassed. Join a conference that means something. Tressel couldn’t win half of his games if he coached in a real football conference. And he looks so gay in his little neat red vest – kind of like Mr. Rogers sans testicles.



  8. In RealFootball land “many, many years” = 6.

  9. Hey RealFootball, when you say the Big 10 “hasn’t done diddley in many, many years,” you mean “other than have a winning record against the SEC,” correct?

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