Shape up or Ship out

By way of the Dispatch:

As had been rumored for months, the junior cornerback said yesterday he has been suspended for the opener against Youngstown State and the next game against Ohio University for breaking unspecified team rules. He would not elaborate.

“My first game will be USC,” Washington said, referring to the third game of the season Sept. 13.

Backup safety Jamario O’Neal also confirmed he will miss the first two games because of a suspension. They, along with Eugene Clifford, who left the team during the summer, were first disciplined for something that occurred during the spring.

No word yet on Dough Worthington’s punishment.

The Monkey and I have discussed this at length, but it seems like the one thing that the team has lacked recently is true leadership. Beanie and Laurinaitis have been good leaders on the field, but there needs to be someone off the field that will get in guys faces and keep them in line. These little discretions do nothing but distract the team. Distractions is the one thing the this team does not need, especially going into a certain game in September.

Shape things up, boys.


  1. There are very plain and simple rules for these guys. And it’s not hard to follow , and understand. But some of these kids ( and thats what they still are) still have to be turned over a knee. Theses kids must know and learn that nothing ever good happens in Columbus after mid-night. Especially for a student-athlete. They must keep up with thier classes ( Ray Small ). And whatever inner city upbringing some of these kids have come from , this is thier chance to distance themselves from all the negatives back home that could have led thiers lives down a more destuctive road. Being here at Ohio State is a door to many, many great things. Not only a football career, but an education, and a way to contribute to a better society. But it’s like I told my younger brother (10yrs younger ) a long time ago, life is about descisions. And the decisions you make affect what kind of life your gonna have. Unfortunately , he never listend to me…………and he is paying for it.

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