Weak Sauce (UPDATED)

BlogLast week, Molly @ Buckeye Commentary published an article discussing OSU’s NFL draft history.

It was a well-researched piece, about 1300 words or so, and one that clearly took quite a bit of time and effort. She even included three paragraphs on LeCharles Bentley, for crying out loud.

So I was confused when my feed reader showed me the same article again, only this time, from Buckeye Legends, and under another byline (Katie Bernal).

When I double-checked later, the BL version had added a final paragraph:

“Portions of this article compliments of Bleacher Report.”

If by portions, they mean ‘the entire article word-for-word.’ It’s an unwritten rule of the blogosphere to credit the source, and if copying a section verbatim, to use blockquote elements (like I did in the preceding paragraph). Otherwise, it’s good form to at least use quotes and a reference link. However, you won’t find many bloggers copying and pasting someone’s entire post into their own – that’s what we call weak sauce.

I gave Molly the heads-up, and judging from her comment over at BL, it does seem that their re-publishing was not authorized.

BL is a good blog. They have great writers with good stories and inside perspective. Hopefully they’ll do the right thing and give Molly credit for the piece.


Buckeye Legends has pulled the post, without explanation. It’s not on Google Cache, and I didn’t manage to grab the HTML or make a PDF of the page. But the fact they pulled the article is at least some concession – it’s a de facto admission of their role in what happened.


  1. saw the article on the buckeye players in the NFL, and thought it was a great article.

  2. Molly actually caught this plagiarism first. She contacted the author and had the article taken down. It is hard to believe someone would do that.

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