Bengals’ QB hates the Buckeyes

Carson Palmer hates Ohio State, and wants you to know it.

“I just can’t wait for two years from now when SC comes to the ‘Shoe and hopefully we’ll have a home game that weekend and I can go up there and watch us pound on them in their own turf… I’m really getting sick of it and I just can’t wait for this game to get here so they can come out to the Coliseum and experience LA and get an old-fashioned Pac-10 butt-whoopin’ and go back to the Big Ten.”

Fair enough… you’re an SC grad, makes sense that you’d root for your alma mater. Classless? Yes. But then:

“I cannot stand the Buckeyes… It’s amazing to hear what those guys think about that university and what they think about that football program and Tressel and all the crap I gotta put up with being back there.”

Uh, Carson? C’mere. I know you’ve been here in Ohio for a few years now, but maybe you don’t understand something. You’ve gotta be out of your mind to quarterback an Ohio football team and then complain about Ohio State. Your team shares the exact same fans.

There are certain realities about Ohio, and one of them is that Buckeye football resides at the top of the heap. I’m sure that’s a shock from LA, where the spotlight is split between the Lakers, Dodgers, Angels, Clippers, Kings, Ducks, Bruins, and Trojans; not counting the teams from the rest of the state.

But here in Ohio, it’s all about the Bucks. Even Braylon Edwards, who’s opinion on Ohio was forged into his DNA in Ann Arbor, is classy enough to love and respect the football fans here.

So there are three options:

  1. If you have a radical opinion, at least be good enough of a player to have it respected. Being the QB of Ohio’s third best football team doesn’t count, especially when OSU pulls in more attendance for its spring game than you do when you play your cross-state rival.
  2. Shut.
  3. Up.

Thank you.

H/T: Fanhouse

Palmer is backpedaling faster than a cornerback covering Ted Ginn, Jr.

“I really do respect the Buckeyes, and I know their fans are passionate, too. I hope they all understand I’m just looking forward to a big game for my school against a very tough opponent, and that it’s all in the good fun of a rivalry. You don’t have a real rivalry unless both sides are great teams.”

Carson, you’re not talking your way out of this. It’s over. Your legacy is set. This isn’t LeBron wearing a NY hat, pulling for his favorite team. This is you making fun of your own fans, and badmouthing another team’s coach. Go on, win the Super Bowl, it won’t matter. Beat Favre’s passing yardage mark, it won’t matter.

Oh, and by the way: “Rivalry?” Kinda strong, don’t you think? OSU and USC haven’t had anything resembling a rivalry for over 30 years.

Maybe Chad Johnson is the one who’s been right all along, eh?


  1. Dont get me wrong, i have no problem with a Pro Athlete cheering for his alum, no problem talking trash and cheering for his school. Vrabel does it, he bashes M*ch*g*n every now and again and talks highly of OSU. I think it is great that you can still do that as a pro

    But when you bash the coach, put our coach in a negative context. You have gone to far and now you have pretty much doomed your existance in the state of Ohio. Carson I pray for the day that the Bengals play an exhibition game at the Shoe.

  2. very low…even for a USC guy. Was a “fan” but don’t throw Tres under the bus. Just think about all the headlines about 85 being the problem in Cincy…now we know it was Palmer. wow

  3. Oh come on, mindless hatred towards opponents is what makes college football great. Palmer is just pumped as hell for the OSU-USC matchup. I live in Cincinnati and go to Ohio State, and I have no problem whatsoever with what Palmer said. In fact I think it’s hysterical. Lighten up, guys.

  4. I agree with your point, John, but disagree with your words… We sure can be mindless [grin], but there’s no hatred here.

  5. %^&$ that…. Lynch Palmer!!!!

  6. Simple fact, Carson Palmer is entitled to whatever opinion he wishes to hold. Doesn’t change the fact that it was one of the single worst business decisions I’ve ever encountered in my life. When the vast majority of your paycheck is derived from individuals who root for that team you just decided to bad mouth, don’t be surprised when they decide to put a hating on you.

  7. He certainly is entitled to his opinion. It was a very unwise choice of words. Those buckeyes fans are also Bengals fans.


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