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Don’t worry, Manningham can’t read this

Michigan’s proudest WR, Mario Manningham, managed to score a 6 on the NFL’s Wonderlic intelligence test.


An average score on the Wonderlic is 21, right were OSU’s Vernon Gholston landed. That’s supposed to represent an average IQ. But how bad is 6?

“Charlie Wonderlic Jr., president of Wonderlic Inc., says, ‘A score of 10 is literacy, that’s about all we can say.’ ” (Link)

But wait! Manningham still hopes to earn a degree one day:

“That was kind of hard, leaving without getting my degree, but I’m going to go back and get it.”

Uh, sure. Best wishes with all of that.

And before someone posts “Reggie Germany 0.0 LOLLERCOPTERSeleventy!1” in the comments section, note that there is a huge difference between getting a 0.0 for not showing up to class, and going to college for three years without becoming literate.

Link – “More Wonderlic Scores”

Congrats, Big Guy!

All of us (including you, our faithful readers and fellow Gholston man-crushers) at the Men of the Scarlet and Gray congratulate Vernon Gholston on his selection as the 6th pick in the 2008 NFL draft, traveling down the Columbus — East Rutherford pipeline.

Kids say the darnedst things

“Look, daddy, a girl football player”

– My five year old daughter, watching Sports Center with me, watching a bit on Jeremy Shockey with his golden locks flowing out from under his helmet.

Want to write for MotSaG?

Neither the sportsMonkey nor I will be able to make it to the Spring Game tomorrow, much to our chagrin, but we’d really like to have someone on the scene that could give us some first hand thoughts and remarks about what goes on during the game.

If you’ve ever dreamed of writing for Men of the Scarlet and Gray (and let’s be honest — who hasn’t?) then shoot us an email to and let us know. I know it’s short notice, but we’d love to have some immediate feedback to post from the sidelines.

Also, if you’ve got pictures to share from the Spring Game, send them here, too. We’d love to see them!

Tell us something we didn’t already know

First, observe:

Second, get chills all over again.

Third, read this.

Finally, smile knowingly and nod.

Beanie goes last in Spring Game draft

With the first pick in the 2008 Scarlet and Gray spring game draft Alex Boone and the Scarlet team selected sophomore Thad Gibson at Leo.

You can see the rest of the draft, along with the Scarlet and Gray line-ups here.

In a ceremonial move, echoing the Christian philosophy of “and the First shall be Last and the Last shall win Heisman Trophies”, Chris “Beanie” Wells was awarded the distinction of the last pick, going to the Gray team.

He will not, however, be allowed to play, in the interest of the safety of everyone on the Scarlet defense.

Spring rumblings

OSU’s offensive line has been hit with injuries… veterans Steve Rehring and Ben Person have been assigned no-contact status and will not be seen in the spring game. Superstar frosh Mike Adams has been sidelined with an injury as well.

Just as we were sharpening our pencils to tease Wolverine fans about Manningham’s problems with the devil weed, three members of OSU’s starting defensive secondary are being disciplined for the same thing. It is possible that Donald Washington, Jamario O’Neal and Eugene Clifford could be kicked off the team. As terrible as the news is, the 2008 Buckeye defense is still deeper than Friedrich Nietzsche reading the Mahabharata inside a bathysphere lying at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, so the loss of these three should only move OSU’s defense from zOMG hide teh children to maybe we’ll let you score once per game status.

Quarterbacks coach Joe Daniels has been battling cancer, and recently had surgery to remove a kidney. He’s not expected to return full-time until the autumn. His replacement, backup QB coach Nick Siciliano, is stepping in to juggle the QBs – but has some juggling of his own to do as the proud father of newborn quadruplets. Still, with all of that on his plate, reports are positive that things are humming along efficiently.

The same is apparently not the case with the fullback position. With Dionte Johnson and The Tank gone, competition is fierce. Linebacker Ryan Lukens is moving from LB to FB. The same experiment is being tried with Austin Spitler.

The importance of getting the FB situation resolved soon cannot be understated. Beanie Wells, the nation’s best back, is set to begin a much-hyped Heisman campaign. His Stiff Arm of Tackling FailTM cannot do it alone; he needs a stud FB in front of him exploding defenders into tiny bits.

A good OSU fullback can actually help save B10 defenders from this humiliation.

Tressel has hinted that the 2008 offense may feature less pounding I-formation and more two-back sets, with Saine and Wells in the backfield.

Where Tressel’s idea gets exciting is when one considers where Pryor may fit into this mix. As the spring progresses, the talk of Pryor redshirting is becoming less frequent, and is being replaced with a desire to see him in niche situations, not unlike what Urban Meyer did with Tim Tebow in 2006 (and Tebow wasn’t surrounded with the talent that Pryor might be).

Consider this for a moment: OSU has first and goal on the three yard line, and Pryor trots out as goal-line QB, with Wells and Saine in a two-back set behind him and three receivers at the line. It’s enough to make most defensive coordinators lose their water. It’s easy to see why Tressel doesn’t view the FB weakness as urgent as the rest of us. Still, the spring scrimmages should tell the tale. There’s not a lot of time left before USC, so experimentation will have to give way to in-stone game plans soon.

Monday Musings are swamped

Both the Monkey and I work in the same office, in an underground government facility deep within the bowels of the Marble Cliff Quarry. We are swamped with more work than either of us can handle. The stress is getting to us. I had to talk the Monkey off the ledge, telling he had so much to live for, that jumping wasn’t worth it. He would have only fell four inches (we are underground, afterall) but the kid has so much going for him. It would be a shame to see him throw it all away. He’s doing better now, but this is our way of saying that the blogging lightness will continue for a little while. You’d think we could blog from our Crays, but the powers-that-be kind of frown on that kind of online activity. So you get scatter-shot blogging for the time being. Apologies in advance.

We heard through the grapevine that Vernon Gholston was due to appear at a local Buckeye Corner this past weekend (wasn’t Easter a couple weeks ago?). Did anyone make it? I wanted to go, but I didn’t want my face to melt from the glory.


Hope everyone is having a good week. Mike Adams isn’t having one, but I’m optimistic. He’ll be pushing people around soon enough, making room for Beanie and his Stiff Arm of Tackling Fail. On his way to his Heisman.

On the blogging side of things, I recently upgraded to WordPress 2.5, which is a really nice improvement to the admin side of things for the blog. There is also a built-in image gallery, so I’ll be testing that out with all our pictures of our favorite #50. Look for that soon.

Our contact page is currently under repair, so if you want to get in touch with us, don’t hesistate to drop us a line at!



I tease because I love.

Congratulations, Buckeyes!