Nash gets the ‘C’


As expected, 23-year-old Rick Nash has been chosen as team captain for your Columbus Blue Jackets.

Rick is the fifth captain for the franchise, which has never seen a captain last more than three seasons.

It’s another in a string of ‘good long-term decisions that may not pay off right away,’ (something that Jackets fans are quite used to). Nash will have to grow into the role, but as we’ve seen, he’s been able to do everything asked of him so far. It’s a good move.



  1. It’s also worth noting that being named captain of the team will go a long way come contract renegotiation time.

    Just another anchor to keep him in town as opposed to bolting back home to Toronto or other major market.

  2. Jason – …you’re right, I didn’t think about it from a $$ point of view. I was just glad he was “rewarded” with something that’d keep him here for awhile.

    Let’s hope Howson has left some room under the cap for him come renegotiation time.

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