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OSU FootballRemember me? I’m still around and I still totally don’t want any attention. I’m trying (but not really all that much) to win a basketball championship here. Can’t you see how not interested I am in talking about football?

Sure. Anyway, the Plain Dealer has an article about the Chosen One’s disdain for trying hard (via Waiting for next Year):

“He plays as well as he needs to play,” says his basketball coach at Jeannette High School, Jim Nesser. “I don’t know if that sounds good, but if he needs to take it to another level, he can do that.”

Terrell PryorThat makes me nervous. But never fear, he nonchalantly dismisses it all with an explanation:

The Subject explains that his competitiveness, when flashed, is genetic.

“I’m a Pryor,” he says. “My dad used to hit me when I lost at anything, at fights, anything. I mean, your dad is supposed to make you a man, right? That’s what he did.”

Coach Nessler explains the Subject’s on-court approach a final time.

“Terrelle does whatever he has to.”

Note to Terrell: Coach Tressel will totally not hit you if you lose.


  1. Punky Brewster says

    Err…I don’t have kids, so far be it for me to comment on anyone’s parenting style, but I’m pretty sure that if your child fails at something you shouldn’t smack them. I think that’s in the pamphlet you get when you leave the hospital with the baby.

  2. I don’t know Papa Pryot, but not everyone knows how to read when they leave the hospital with the baby…

  3. @PB – The only pamphlet I got was something about not shaking them. Or maybe was not dropping them. Either way, there was no guidance on failure punishment. But I’m gonna agree that the fail/get hit combo is less effective.

    @Spivan – That’s harsh, man.

  4. Meh… thats the way I’ve become with the things that happen in our world. You can’t look around and tell me that some of the “parents” in this country need to have their rights revoked..(read – get fixed) when a kid freezes to death because a parent left them outside because they were to loud, something is wrong there. No offense intended to anyone… just what crossed my mind when I read the post+comments.

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