Desperate Times

OSU LogoCall for desperate victories.

I still think the Buckeyes are a long shot to make the tournament (outside winning the Big Ten tournament, natch) but this victory over the Purdue Men-in-Tights was still deeply satisfying.

Jamar Butler

There’s a lot to be excited about this young Buckeye basketball team, especially Evan Turner. I’m hoping for a good showing in the tourney and we’ll see what happens.

Oh, and Wisconsin fans? You’re welcome!


  1. That was a fun game to watch…finally! The Bucks looked like they wanted it! Butler proved why he deserves mention as a guy with a bright(NBA)future; the guy is a BIG time player and leader!!!!

  2. @Mike – The Bucks haven’t seemed to “want it” for a while. It was definitely good to see them finally perform to their talent level. I hope it continues this weekend.

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