Foote traded

cbjlogonew.jpgToday was the trade deadline, and the Blue Jackets have announced that Adam Foote is moving to Colorado.

Captain Adam Foote.

Foote was traded to the Avs for a 2009 first-round and conditional fourth-round pick.

So, who will be the new team captain in 2008/9? Nash is still quite young, but will no doubt be the fan favorite. I wonder if the team will go with Fedorov for his experience.

Who do you want leading your Jackets in the locker room?

UPDATE: Fedorov has also been traded (to Washington). The trades of the past few weeks make it clear that (1) Howson is trying to free up tons of money for a free agent, and (2) he doesn’t care how much of a veteran you are, you’re in danger if you don’t have a good plus/minus.


  1. Fedorov was traded an hour after Foote (to the Capitals).

  2. Thanks, Jason. When I heard the news, I wasn’t near the site to update the post. Then I forgot. Thanks for reminding us.

    I know Feddy didn’t have a very productive tenure here, but I still really enjoyed seeing him on the ice.

    That leaves Vyborny as the lone vet. My guess is he’ll be wearing the ‘C.’ Could be Nash, or even Hainsey, though.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the ‘C’ not awarded until next season.

    My money is on Rick Nash.

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