So long, Jody

cbjlogonew.jpgshelly.jpgEnd of an era.

I can’t say it was a surprise, especially with how well some of the new guys (like Jared Boll) have worked out, but it’s still sad to see Shelly go. Old-school, tough-but-fair enforcers are hard to come by in the “new NHL,” and Jody was the classiest. Even my kids knew him well enough to look for #45 whenever the Jackets were on the ice.

I agree that the move is probably best for both the team and for Shelly. The Sharks will give him a chance to extend his career and contribute more as a player, which is something that Howson wasn’t going to do (the GM had already said he wasn’t going to re-sign Shelly).

Still, I’ll bet we see Jody back in Columbus eventually. His wife is from around here, and he’s settled here, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him stay in town during off-seasons and/or look for a job in the Jackets front office someday.

Thanks for the years of entertainment and hard work, sir. Best wishes.

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