A Class Act to the very end.

We haven’t been following the recent NFL draft declarations and transfer goings-on (hit up 11W for that) but we definitely feel moved to wish MotSaG’s el Kaiser’s man-crush-4-life, Vernon Gholston, some well deserved love.

First, just read this quote from the Dispatch last week:

“As a son and as a man, it is my duty to serve and support my family to the best of my abilities. My childhood dream was, and still is, to one day be fortunate enough to do just that. I feel that time has come.”

College players come and go, most leaving little or no impression after they’ve gone. Yes, they are all Buckeyes and we love them for that, but, for the most part, they are simply fleeting memories of autumns past. Every once and a while, an athlete comes along and leaves an indelible impact. Unfortunately, the impact isn’t always a positive one. There are players like Reggie Germany and HWSNBN who, through actions off the football field, leave a bitter taste in your mouth and Ohio State with a black eye. They are just kids, which must never be forgotten. But they are agents unto themselves and are perfectly capable of doing the right thing. Sadly, they hardly ever do.

On the other side, through events on and off the field, you get momentary glimpses of true greatness. Vernon Gholston was one of those players, one of the good guys. It’s easy to think everybody is innately good. It’s even easier to think when you witness someone like Vernon.

Put aside the freakish nature of the man’s physique (pshaw, like that’s possible) and read that quote again. Don’t tell me that’s something someone told him to say. I’m not buying that. It is heartfelt and genuine. Anyone who sees an opportunity to better not just his life, but that of those he loves, is one who deserves our respect. He also deserves our gratitude. Through the four years he was a Buckeye, he was a class act. There was never even a whisper of trouble or scandal. Vernon kept his nose clean and did his thing through his play on the field. I can’t remember a single personal foul penalty called on the man. If it’s possible to be proud of someone you’ve never met and have no connection to, I’d like to think Buckeye Nation as a whole was proud of our version of the Incredible Hulk.

So with that, we wish Vernon Gholston the best of luck in the NFL and we throw our considerable weight behind any movement that wants to convince the Cleveland Browns into trading Derek Anderson for a first round draft pick and snatch up #50 before someone dirty like the Steelers or the Raiders get their grubby hands on him. (That’s right, I said Derek Anderson. I’m ready for the Brady Quinn Experiment to start NOW.) Keep Vernon in Ohio!

As for MotSaG’s 2008 man-crush? We’re still taking applications. Right now, the leading Candidate is Curtis Terry. Have you seen that guy’s arms?


  1. BuckeyeTrack10 says

    I think the 2008 man crush should be Robert Rose…he would most definitely eat your children. He looks perfectly harmless as well.

  2. That dude was sca-a-a-aaaary lookin’. Best of luck to ol’ Vern.

  3. slowlyrecovering says

    It’s funny, when I read that quote last weekend, I had the exact same thoughts. What a class act. No Buckeye fan can be mad at Gholston’s decision; not when it’s expressed like that. Best of luck to Big Vern!!!!

    I also think it’s ironic that you mention Curtis Terry. I think even a lot of Buckeyes fans forgot about Terry since he had a medical redshirt this year. Terry is a hellacious run-stopper and I can’t wait to get him, Lawrence Wilson and Robert Rose back to 100% healthy. These are 3 guys where nobody outside Ohio has any idea how good they are. 3 best-kept secrets can only help. Here’s to ’08…

  4. I never thought Vernon was the player the media and fans made him out to be. Good, solid, but unpsectacular.

    Robert Rose has yet to turn anyone’s head in practice, even before he was hurt. I’m hoping Willie Mobley can come in and help out up front.

  5. Joe – he beat Vrabel’s Big 10 sack record in a single year, and did it as a second-year junior. He led the team in TFL’s.

    He also had his way with #1 pick Jake Long both years he played opposite him.

    VG’s only weakness was in that he hasn’t been at OSU long enough to build up that legendary status (like Will Smith). But there’s no question that he’s the best DE in CFB this season.

    He will be the first DE picked, no question.

  6. Sad to see him go, but glad that he wore a scarlet jersey.

    I will miss watching him take down all the QB’s of the Big Ten.

  7. of course, there could be another Gholston on the horizon for us: http://www.buckeyeplanet.com/forum/football-recruiting/604756-10-mi-de-te-william-gholston.html

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