BCS Bourbon Bowl Semi-live update

OSU Football

First Quarter

Not getting ahead of ourselves here, just wanted to let everyone know that Beanie is a man among little boys with long hair. Gholston isn’t even on the same plane of existence as these boots.

OSU – 10
LSU – 3

Second Quarter

Our defensive end caught their running back in the backfield. Still waiting for that speed.

Who already has the game on mute? These guys are moronic. Actually, that’s an insult to morons.

LSU is looking good, 17 24 unanswered points. No need There may be a slight reason to fret. LSU looks good so far.

OSU – 10
LSU – 24


Two touchdowns are nothing. Ohio State is not out of this by any measure, but they’re pretty fricken far from okay. The defense has to come out and absolutely shut down LSU on this first possession. A turnover would be even better.

Third Quarter

The roughing the kicker call was killer. We are not playing fundamental football. We can’t tackle, we can’t do anything right right now.

Still waiting for the speed, though.

Okay, okay. Malcolm Jenkins is a beautiful man and Beanie and Brian Robiskie breathe life back into OSU’s chances. If nothing else, things are more respectable now. When the defense gets a stop here, things get interesting.

OSU – 17
LSU – 31

Hold on to your potatoes.

Fourth Quarter

Just so you LSU mouth-breathing fans understand, this is my blog and I get to say what I want to say. You get to say what I want you to say. Comprende?


  1. Frustrating! Our O-Coordinator or Tressel buckles when we are down, with how LSU is blitzing and getting in there we need to run draws, delays or anything that starts with Run. If we don’t get pressure on LSU’s QB, we’re screwed, Come-on Bucks!

  2. All the defensive underclassmen have to come back next year. The defense is playing absolutely atrociously. Laurinaitis is getting schooled right now.

  3. I won’t bail on this team after forty years but this is really frustrating. I won’t go over the litany of errors on the field and off but I hope someone will hold this coaching staff accountable and make JT clearly explain to the OSU fans who support the team and pay their salaries, what the hell happened tonight. Talk about unimaginative play calling. And by the way, thank you Mr. Henton for effectively making yourself unavaible to help YOUR team this year when they needed you. While I’m on the soapbox, please Mr. Tressel, try to be altruistic in some other way and schedule quality opponents to prepare your team for a run at the NC the next time. LSU was beatable. Can you imagine the mindset of the next OSU team that has to face an SEC opponent in the next bowl game? What motivation tactic will JT use? JT, they were beatable.

  4. Laurinaitis got dominated again. Wow. Unfortunately, all those people can say what they want and I have nothing to say back. SEC is better…you’re right. SEC speed….you’re right. SEC power….you’re right. Miles is better than Tressel…you’re right. Ohio State doesn’t belong….you’re right. Thank you sir may I have another. F”k it.

  5. Chris, LA was the leading tackler tonight.

    Just sayin.’ 😉

    IMO, there’s only so much your defense can do when the offense turns the ball over three times & your special teams have another atrocious performance.

    As for play calling, my major question is where were the TE plays that we saw all year? Not once did I see a TE drop into a passing route. For something that was so important during the season… it was weird to see it disappear. I’m not speculating, but combining the lack of TE play with Schoenhoft’s move to TE last month, and you wonder if something happened injury-wise to Ballard and/or Nichol.

    That’s enough analysis for me (for now). We’ll have more later.

    BTW, feel free to move your discussion over to the post-game comments section.

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