Five Things – OSU Offense

OSU FootballWe’ve listed the five things we’re keeping an eye on the defensive end, so here are the five things to look for on the offensive side of the ball:

5. Offensive line vs. Dorsey (and his little friends) – There’s no denying Dorsey is a game changer, even if he isn’t 100%. Cordle, Person and Rehring will have the hands full, literally. Dorsey on one side, Favorite on the other and a whole lot of manhood coming up the middle. How will they handle such speed?

Brian Robiskie4. Which Boeckman shows up? We talked about which Laurinaitis shows up, but the question is a valid one for Boeckman as well. Will we have the laser focused dead-eye Boeckman that showed up against Penn State or the ‘implody’ Michigan State Boeckman that couldn’t keep the ball out of Spartan hands? The Killers B’s want to know.

OSU will lean heavily on Beanie, but it will be Boeckman that will be under the most pressure. That makes us a wee bit nervous.

3. Wrinkles? What changes will we see coming out of the gate? OSU could surprise everyone and go with the spread with Boeckman (a-la Michigan, but that might be too obvious) or bring Henton in and let him throw the ball (oh please, Heavens, no). Something needs to be added for a nice little wrinkle to get Les’ knickers in a bunch. I wonder how he’d feel if he saw ‘Beanie McFadden’ line up in the shotgun?

2. Go right at the teeth of LSU’s D – This is a combination of #5 and #1. The Buckeyes can’t shy away from the challenge of Dorsey and the LSU defense. They need to go right at Dorsey and, as on defense, attack attack attack.

1. Beanie Beanie Beanie – Here’s where it gets real simple. The Stiff Arm of Justice™ has had a nice long layoff and is itching to punish some bad people. If Beanie’s ankle is 100% (we know the stiff arm never tires) then LSU has no idea what is coming for them. A steady diet of Beanie is just what the doctor ordered for OSU fans.

Chris “Beanie” Wells


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