Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith to start this Sunday


Looks like everyone’s favorite #10 will be given the ball this Sunday in Seattle. With Boller nursing a sore dome, Ravens’ coach Brian Billick has said that Troy will be starting:

“He’s as ready as you’re going to be as a rookie,” coach Brian Billick said after today’s practice. “One thing I don’t worry about is that he has a strong personality. You worry what happens if things get ugly with him and pressures … but he will fight through whatever happens. He’s a very strong-willed young man.”

Troy Smith

This is great news for Troy, setting him up perfectly for next season and beyond. The Ravens are going nowhere this year (which, save for Troy’s sadness, is the greatness thing a Browns fan can hear) so they don’t have a lot to lose, but plenty to gain in terms of figuring out the way ahead for the future. Troy can get some much needed experience as a starter, playing himself into a starting position for next season. By all accounts, Boller is probably not going to be with the Ravens next year, setting Troy up very nicely.

As much as it hurts, I’ll be rooting for Troy and the Ravens. Unfortunately, it looks like those of us in the Columbus area will be getting Buccaneers at 49ers on TV, so no chance to see Troy in action. Either way, good luck to Troy.


  1. browniebuck says

    Congratulations, Troy! Hope he makes the best of it. Like you, kaiser, I will find it hard to root for a Ratbird, being a Browns fan. But I always root for all the former Buckeyes to do well no matter where they go.

  2. Hope Pryor is watching

  3. I hope Troy has a record setting day in the Ravens loss to Seattle.
    54 -51

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