OSU FootballPlease let this not be true.

As with all information of this nature, we offer you grains of salt. That being said, Keith is pretty reliable.

Update: Confirmed. So this means:

His absence means redshirt freshman Chimdi Chekwa likely will start with Malcolm Jenkins at the corners. In the nickel defense, safety Jamario O’Neal now likely will get the nod.

Previously, Chekwa has played corner in nickel and Jenkins has shifted to safety. Andre Amos, Nick Patterson and Aaron Gant also could see more playing time.

I’m not freaking out about this, as Chekwa is serviceable and O’Neal was supposed to be all-world, but it still stings.

Update #2: Not so fast, my nervous friends.


  1. Shame.

    I hope moving from corner in the nickel to corner in the 4-3 cover-two isn’t too much of a change for Chekwa.

  2. Chekwa got torched by Illinois…you may not be, but I am freaking out. All it take is one big play to make the difference…

  3. Check the updated post — Washington is not suspended for the Bourbon Bowl.

    KG, you may stop freaking out now.


  1. […] Real quickly: It was reported that Donald Washington and Eugene Clifford were to be suspended for the Bourbon Bowl. […]

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